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Amazon Lights Set of 3 Garden Candles

Amazon Lights Set of 3 Garden Candles

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The Amazon Lights Set of 3 Garden Candles provides an all-natural solution to rid your patio or backyard of pesky bugs. Each candle will burn for approx. 13 hours and contains a proprietary formula of citronella, Brazilian andiroba, essential oils, thyme and rosemary. These oils are effective on gnats and mosquitoes and offer a clean, fragrant scent as well as safe palm oil wax.

Spend time outdoors bug-free the natural way with Amazon Lights Mini Garden Candles. Using a highly concentrated mixture of citronella, Andiroba, rosemary, and thyme, Amazon Lights Mini Garden Candles protect your patio and garden from pesky bugs, gnats, and mosquitoes with a fresh, environmentally-safe scent.

These Mini Garden Candles let you spread the citronella effect out over a larger area by using 3 mini candles at the perimeter, rather than 1 large candle in the center. Works well when used in tandem with full-size candles, or used alone.

For outdoor use only.

TIP: Place several candles around your patio to expand the area of effectiveness.
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