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AuthenTEAK Aura Comfort Plus Portable Electric Heater

AuthenTEAK Aura Comfort Plus Portable Electric Heater

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Our Authenteak Aura Comfort Plus Portable Electric Heater creates a zone of warmth around this attractive stainless steel unit. Completely electric-powered, this unit offers 1500W of medium wave radiant infrared heat that covers a sixty-four square foot area around the unit. It comes with fifteen feet of cable, an automatic safety tip switch and a conveniently located on/off switch on the unit itself. This quartz heater offers 90% efficiency heating objects and people, not the air. The Aura gives off directional heat that is wind proof, providing you and your guests with comfortable conditions in any weather. The unit has been tested for 4,000 hours of usage and is ideal for use on your patio, deck, terrace, or other outdoor space. Check out the Aura Comfort Plus Info Sheet for additional information.

  • Product includes remote (batteries not included)
  • 1500W medium wave radiant infrared patio heater for comfort patio heating
  • Attractive, portable, freestanding stainless steel design for convenience
  • All Weather use, no need to be covered in wet environments
  • Waterproof on/off switch and integrated safety tip switch
  • 15' of cable
  • Covers 8' x 8' area

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