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AuthenTEAK Lux Pillars - White

AuthenTEAK Lux Pillars - White

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QTY Available: Small (6), Medium (8), Large (7)
Item #: WFL 315
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Price: $159.95
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QTY Available: Small (6), Medium (8), Large (7) AuthenTEAK's all-weather pedestals are recognized by the high-quality of workmanship and their natural look. Our pedestals are made by hand and are subjected to various levels of finishing, making each piece unique. These lightweight pedestals, made of fiberglass, combine a high-quality natural looking finish with lightweight construction, creating a product that is stylish and durable, while keeping weight to a minimum.

Available Sizes
Small - 10.9"w x 10.9"d x 27.3"h - WFL 241
Medium - 15.6"w x 15.6"d x 35.1"h - WFL 243
Large - 20.3"w x 20.3"d x 46.8"h - WFL 244
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