| | | Classic Cushions Adirondack Cushion w/Knife Edges
Classic Cushions Adirondack Cushion w/Knife Edges

Classic Cushions Adirondack Cushion w/Knife Edges

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Grade B: Sunbrella Brannon Whisper | B5621 Grade B: Sunbrella Canvas Antique Beige | B261 Grade B: Sunbrella Canvas Black | B255 Grade B: Sunbrella Canvas Cork | B5448 Grade B: Sunbrella Canvas Forest Green | B258 Grade B: Sunbrella Canvas Macaw | B5429 Grade B: Sunbrella Canvas Mineral Blue | B5420 Grade B: Sunbrella Canvas Natural | B257 Grade B: Sunbrella Canvas Navy | B260 Grade B: Sunbrella Canvas Pacific Blue | B256 Grade B: Sunbrella Canvas Teal | B5456 Grade B: Sunbrella Canvas True Blue | B5499 Grade B: Sunbrella Canvas Vellum | B5498 Grade B: Sunbrella Canvas Walnut | B5470 Grade B: Sunbrella Canvas Wheat | B5414 Grade B: Sunbrella Cast Ash | B40428 Grade B: Sunbrella Cast Mist | B40429 Grade B: Sunbrella Cast Oasis | B40430 Grade B: Sunbrella Cast Petal | B40431 Grade B: Sunbrella Cast Shale | B40432 Grade B: Sunbrella Cast Silver | B40433 Grade B: Sunbrella Cast Slate | B40434 Grade B: Sunbrella Cast Tinsel | B40435 Grade B: Sunbrella Cast Lagoon | B40456 Grade B: Sunbrella Dorsett Cherry | B56059 Grade B: Sunbrella Forster Surfside | B56049 Grade B: Sunbrella Foster Metallic | B56051 Grade B: Sunbrella Gavin Mist | B56052 Grade B: Sunbrella Mason Forest Green | B233 Grade B: Sunbrella Regency Sand | B5695 Grade B: Sunbrella Spectrum Cayenne | B48026 Grade B: Sunbrella Spectrum Cilantro | B48022 Grade B: Sunbrella Spectrum Coffee | B48029 Grade B: Sunbrella Spectrum Daffodil | B48024 Grade B: Sunbrella Spectrum Dove | B48032 Grade B: Sunbrella Spectrum Eggshell | B48018 Grade B: Sunbrella Spectrum Graphite | B48030 Grade B: Sunbrella Spectrum Grenadine | B48027 Grade B: Sunbrella Spectrum Kiwi | B48023 Grade B: Sunbrella Spectrum Mist | B48020 Grade B: Sunbrella Spectrum Mushroom | B48031 Grade B: Sunbrella Spectrum Sand | B48019 Grade B: Sunbrella Spectrum Sierra | B48028 Grade C: Sunbrella Brannon Redwood (+$11.00) | C3047 Grade C: Sunbrella Bravada Limelight (+$11.00) | C3035 Grade C: Sunbrella Bravada Salsa (+$11.00) | C3036 Grade C: Sunbrella Cabana Citron (+$11.00) | C58026 Grade C: Sunbrella Cabana Emerald (+$11.00) | C58027 Grade C: Sunbrella Cabana Flame (+$11.00) | C58028 Grade C: Sunbrella Cabana Regatta (+$11.00) | C58029 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Air Blue (+$11.00) | C2 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Aruba (+$11.00) | C3060 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Bay Brown (+$11.00) | C5432 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Birds Eye Canvas (+$11.00) | C5472 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Brass (+$11.00) | C389 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Brick (+$11.00) | C5409 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Burgundy (+$11.00) | C387 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Buttercup (+$11.00) | C320 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Camel (+$11.00) | C3006 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Canvas (+$11.00) | C327 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Capri (+$11.00) | C3067 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Coal (+$11.00) | C5489 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Cocoa (+$11.00) | C3055 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Fern (+$11.00) | C3024 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Flax (+$11.00) | C5492 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Ginkgo (+$11.00) | C3090 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Glacier (+$11.00) | C5428 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Granite (+$11.00) | C5402 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Heather Beige (+$11.00) | C3028 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Henna (+$11.00) | C01 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Hot Pink (+$11.00) | C5462 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Jockey Red (+$11.00) | C3062 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Logo Red (+$11.00) | C385 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Maize (+$11.00) | C5412 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Melon (+$11.00) | C3059 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Palm (+$11.00) | C3057 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Parrot (+$11.00) | C3038 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Raven Black (+$11.00) | C5471 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Regatta (+$11.00) | C5493 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Rust (+$11.00) | C3091 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Sapphire Blue (+$11.00) | C3005 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Sky Blue (+$11.00) | C5424 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Spa (+$11.00) | C3054 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Sunflower Yellow (+$11.00) | C3027 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Tangerine (+$11.00) | C3037 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Taupe (+$11.00) | C5461 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Teak (+$11.00) | C3025 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Terracotta (+$11.00) | C5440 Grade C: Sunbrella Canvas Tuscan (+$11.00) | C3058 Grade C: Sunbrella Cove Cameo (+$11.00) | C58037 Grade C: Sunbrella Cove Pebble (+$11.00) | C58036 Grade C: Sunbrella Davidson Redwood (+$11.00) | C3065 Grade C: Sunbrella Dolce Mango (+$11.00) | C3074 Grade C: Sunbrella Dolce Oasis (+$11.00) | C3075 Grade C: Sunbrella Gateway Blush (+$11.00) | C58038 Grade C: Sunbrella Gateway Mist (+$11.00) | C58039 Grade C: Sunbrella Harwood Crimson (+$11.00) | C3053 Grade C: Sunbrella Linen Antique Beige (+$11.00) | C318 Grade C: Sunbrella Linen Champagne (+$11.00) | C314 Grade C: Sunbrella Linen Chili (+$11.00) | C3040 Grade C: Sunbrella Linen Natural (+$11.00) | C312 Grade C: Sunbrella Linen Pampas (+$11.00) | C8317 Grade C: Sunbrella Linen Sesame (+$11.00) | C3009 Grade C: Sunbrella Linen Silver (+$11.00) | C352 Grade C: Sunbrella Linen Stone (+$11.00) | C3032 Grade C: Sunbrella Linen Straw (+$11.00) | C353 Grade C: Sunbrella Linen Taupe (+$11.00) | C8374 Grade C: Sunbrella Maxim Heather Beige (+$11.00) | C377 Grade C: Sunbrella Milano Char (+$11.00) | C56079 Grade C: Sunbrella Milano Flax (+$11.00) | C6081 Grade C: Sunbrella Mode Lakeside (+$11.00) | C58006 Grade C: Sunbrella Mode Seaside (+$11.00) | C58005 Grade C: Sunbrella Shore Citron (+$11.00) | C58034 Grade C: Sunbrella Shore Classic (+$11.00) | C58033 Grade C: Sunbrella Shore Emerald (+$11.00) | C58035 Grade C: Sunbrella Shore Flame (+$11.00) | C58031 Grade C: Sunbrella Shore Regatta (+$11.00) | C58032 Grade C: Sunbrella Seville Seaside (+$11.00) | C5608 Grade D: Sunbrella Berenson Tuxedo (+$25.00) | D8521 Grade D: Sunbrella Bessemer 1000BA (+$25.00) | D7253 Grade D: Sunbrella Decade Pewter (+$25.00) | D58024 Grade D: Sunbrella Decade Sand (+$25.00) | D58025 Grade D: Sunbrella Dimone Sequoia (+$25.00) | D34 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Aloe (+$25.00) | D8068 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Bamboo (+$25.00) | D404 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Caramel (+$25.00) | D2 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Celeste (+$25.00) | D8067 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Cornsilk (+$25.00) | D8012 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Crimson (+$25.00) | D407 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Dove (+$25.00) | D8069 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Galaxy (+$25.00) | D8016 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Henna (+$25.00) | D1 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Latte (+$25.00) | D8066 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Laurel (+$25.00) | D405 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Nectarine (+$25.00) | D8064 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Oak (+$25.00) | D8057 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Palm (+$25.00) | D409 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Papaya (+$25.00) | D410 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Paradise (+$25.00) | D8050 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Pearl (+$25.00) | D4155 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Peridot (+$25.00) | D8024 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Sand (+$25.00) | D408 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Stone (+$25.00) | D3 Grade D: Sunbrella Dupione Walnut (+$25.00) | D406 Grade D: Sunbrella Echo Ash (+$25.00) | D57005 Grade D: Sunbrella Echo Dune (+$25.00) | D57007 Grade D: Sunbrella Hifi Glow (+$25.00) | D58023 Grade D: Sunbrella Hybrid Citrus (+$25.00) | D42076 Grade D: Sunbrella Hybrid Sky (+$25.00) | D42077 Grade D: Sunbrella Icon Mystique (+$25.00) | D58009 Grade D: Sunbrella Icon Pop (+$25.00) | D58010 Grade D: Sunbrella Pioneer Sunrise (+$25.00) | D58011 Grade D: Sunbrella Scout Clay (+$25.00) | D58008 Grade D: Sunbrella Token Caribbean (+$25.00) | D56099 Grade D: Sunbrella Token Surfside (+$25.00) | D58040 Grade D: Sunbrella Traveler Lakeside (+$25.00) | D58007 Grade D: Sunbrella Volt Berry (+$25.00) | D58012 Grade D: Sunbrella Volt Cherry (+$25.00) | D58013 Grade D: Sunbrella Volt Emerald (+$25.00) | D58014 Grade D: Sunbrella Volt Fuchsia (+$25.00) | D58015 Grade D: Sunbrella Volt Galaxy (+$25.00) | D58016 Grade D: Sunbrella Volt Glow (+$25.00) | D58017 Grade D: Sunbrella Volt Sand (+$25.00) | D58018 Grade D: Sunbrella Volt Sequoia (+$25.00) | D58019 Grade D: Sunbrella Volt Silver (+$25.00) | D58020 Grade D: Sunbrella Volt Spark (+$25.00) | D58021 Grade D: Sunbrella Volt Sulfur (+$25.00) | D58022 DD: Sunbrella Cabaret Blue Haze (+$98.00) | DD41 Grade E: Sunbrella Aura Honey (+$98.00) | E45707-0002 Grade E: Sunbrella Blox Slate (+$98.00) | E45542 Grade E: Sunbrella Elegance Marble (+$98.00) | E45746-0001 Grade E: Sunbrella Fretwork Cameo (+$98.00) | E45991-0003 Grade E: Sunbrella Fretwork Flax (+$98.00) | E45991-0001 Grade E: Sunbrella Fretwork Mist (+$98.00) | E45991 Grade E: Sunbrella Fretwork Pewter (+$98.00) | E45991-0002 Grade E: Sunbrella Hybrid Lime (+$98.00) | E42077 Grade E: Sunbrella Hybrid Smoke (+$98.00) | E42078 Grade E: Sunbrella Luxe Indigo (+$98.00) | E45690 Grade E: Sunbrella Mainstreet Latte (+$98.00) | E42048-0009 Grade E: Sunbrella Mainstreet Wren (+$98.00) | E42048-0005 Grade E: Sunbrella Reflex Classic (+$98.00) | E145094 Grade E: Sunbrella Reflex Emerald (+$98.00) | E145094-0003 Grade E: Sunbrella Reflex Flame (+$98.00) | E145094-0002 Grade E: Sunbrella Reflex Ii Citron (+$98.00) | E145095 Grade E: Sunbrella Reflex Regatta (+$98.00) | E145094-0001 Grade E: Sunbrella Sailcloth Sahara (+$98.00) | E32000-0016 Grade E: Sunbrella Sailcloth Salt (+$98.00) | E32000-0018 Grade E: Sunbrella Sailcloth Shade (+$98.00) | E32000-0036 Grade E: Sunbrella Sailcloth Shell (+$98.00) | E32000 Grade E: Sunbrella Sailcloth Shore (+$98.00) | E32000-0003 Grade E: Sunbrella Sailcloth Sienna (+$98.00) | E32000-0017 Grade E: Sunbrella Sailcloth Spice (+$98.00) | E32000-0019 Sailcloth Spice Grade E: Sunbrella Sailcloth Suntan (+$98.00) | E32000-0007: Sunbrella Sailcloth Suntan Grade E: Sunbrella Violetta Baltic (+$98.00) | E45760-0002
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Product Details
For your wood or recycled plastic Adirondack chair, add our Classic Cushions Adirondack Cushion with Knife Edges for an extra measure of comfort. The chair cushion includes two fabric ties to secure your pad to the chair. The cushion is made from weather resistant fibers and you can choose from over 50 Sunbrella fabrics. All of our Classic Cushions are custom made-to-order and all sales are final.

Note - all Adirondack chairs are not the exact same size, shape and scale, which means this cushion may not fit your existing Adirondack perfectly. We offer Adirondack cushions by other manufacturers that may better fit your specific chair. Since all sales are final on all Classic Cushions, we recommend contacting us before placing your order to ensure that you receive a cushion that best fits your furniture. Please have your brand of furniture available before calling.

For the complete selection of outdoor replacement cushions and fabrics offered by Classic Cushions please download the Classic Cushions Catalog and please review the Classic Cushions Warranty.
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