| | | | Gloster Kingston Chaise Lounger Replacement Cushion
Gloster Kingston Chaise Lounger Replacement Cushion

Gloster Kingston Chaise Lounger Replacement Cushion

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Grade A: Sunbrella Ash Frequency | AFRE Grade A: Sunbrella Canvas | CAN Grade A: Sunbrella Canvas Taupe | CTA Grade A: Sunbrella Cast Slate | CSL Grade A: Sunbrella Fern | FERN Grade A: Sunbrella Mineral Blue | MBL Grade A: Sunbrella Navy | NVY Grade A: Sunbrella Pebble | PEB Grade A: Sunbrella Sand Frequency | SFRE Grade A: Sunbrella Sky Blue | SBL Grade B: Sunbrella Dupione Laurel (+$94.00) | DLA Grade B: Sunbrella Elite Flax (+$94.00) | EFL Grade B: Sunbrella Elite Fog (+$94.00) | EFO Grade B: Sunbrella Elite Frost (+$94.00) | EFR Grade B: Sunbrella Elite Granite (+$94.00) | EGR Grade B: Sunbrella Elite Mineral (+$94.00) | EMI Grade B: Sunbrella Elite Sky (+$94.00) | ELSK Grade B: Sunbrella Elite Terracotta (+$94.00) | ETE Grade B: Sunbrella Fife Granite (+$94.00) | FIGR Grade B: Sunbrella Fife Navy (+$94.00) | FNA Grade B: Sunbrella Sportside Navy (+$94.00) | SNA Grade B: Sunbrella Terracotta (+$94.00) | TER Grade C: Sunbrella Basin Indigo (+$188.00) | BAIN Grade C: Sunbrella Basin Whisper (+$188.00) | BWH Grade C: Sunbrella Renaissance Enlighten Denim (+$188.00) | EDE Grade C: Sunbrella Renaissance Enlighten Fern (+$188.00) | EFE Grade C: Sunbrella Renaissance Enlighten Sky (+$188.00) | ESK Grade C: Sunbrella Mez Coal (+$188.00) | MCO Grade C: Sunbrella Mez Fern (+$188.00) | MFE Grade C: Sunbrella Mez Flax (+$188.00) | MFL Grade C: Sunbrella Mez Granite (+$188.00) | MGR Grade C: Sunbrella Mez Henna (+$188.00) | MHE Grade C: Sunbrella Mez Indigo (+$188.00) | MEIN Grade D: Sunbrella Couture Coal (+$281.00) | CCO Grade D: Sunbrella Couture Mineral (+$281.00) | CMI Grade D: Sunbrella Couture Pebble (+$281.00) | CPE Grade D: Sunbrella Couture Smoke (+$281.00) | CSM Grade D: Sunbrella Loft Charcoal (+$281.00) | LCH Grade D: Sunbrella Loft Flax (+$281.00) | LFL Grade D: Sunbrella Loft Indigo (+$281.00) | LOIN Grade D: Sunbrella Loft Pebble (+$281.00) | LPE Grade D: Sunbrella Loft White (+$281.00) | LWH Grade D: Sunbrella Spirit Dove (+$281.00) | SDO Grade D: Sunbrella Spirit Fern (+$281.00) | SFE Grade D: Sunbrella Spirit Fog (+$281.00) | SFO Grade D: Sunbrella Spirit Granite (+$281.00) | SGR Grade D: Sunbrella Spirit Indigo (+$281.00) | SPIN Grade E: Sunbrella Bamboo Fern (+$375.00) | BFE Grade E: Sunbrella Bamboo Graphite (+$375.00) | BGR Grade E: Sunbrella Bamboo Sky (+$375.00) | BSK Grade E: Sunbrella Bamboo Stone (+$375.00) | BST Grade E: Degradee Cloud (+$375.00) | DCL Grade E: Degradee Granite (+$375.00) | DGR Grade E: Degradee Stone (+$375.00) | DST Grade E: Sunbrella Lima Granite (+$375.00) | LIGR Grade E: Sunbrella Lima Twilight (+$375.00) | LTW Grade E: Sunbrella Lima Woodland (+$375.00) | LWO Grade E: Sunbrella Virtue Cloud (+$375.00) | VCL Grade E: Sunbrella Virtue Granite (+$375.00) | VGR Grade E: Sunbrella Virtue Indigo (+$375.00) | VIN Grade E: Sunbrella Virtue Sky (+$375.00) | VSK
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Product Details
These replacement cushions are made specifically tailored to fit the Gloster Kingston Chaise Lounger, furniture style #308. AuthenTEAK offers comfortable Sunbrella fabric cushions for their best selling sets. If you need help finding the right cushion please inquire for additional details. All replacement cushions are custom made-to-order and all sales are final. Cushion Dimension: Seat - 26"W x 49.5"D x 5.5"H, Back - 26"W x 29.5"D x 5"H.

Gloster 100% solution-dyed acrylic replacement cushions available from AuthenTeak are manufactured by Gloster and are made specifically for Gloster.
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