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Golden Care Teak Cleaning & Care Kit

Golden Care Teak Cleaning & Care Kit

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Keep your beautiful teak clean and protected with the Golden Care Teak Cleaner, Shield, and Protector. The cleaner will clean and restore the natural appearance of the teak by removing the surface oil and dirt, and by killing the mold and mildew spores that turn it green. You will then want to use the teak shield to protect against stains from food, drinks, and dirt. This water-based shield makes it difficult for wine, oil, etc. to seep into teak, eliminating spots and stains. Finishing with the protector will help preserve the original golden brown color of your teak, and will protect the wood from sun, rain, and snow. Use once a year on our teak outdoor tables and other furniture. This water-based product will dry in less than an hour, and will leave your furniture free of oily residue. Teak is relatively low maintenance, but with a little bit of care, you can help your teak outdoor furniture age a little more gracefully.

Contact us for additional details about Golden Care Teak Protector Furniture Treatments. For more information on how to clean and care for teak, as well as information on how to use Golden Care products please download the FAQ Golden Care Sheet.
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