| | | Kingsley-Bate Chelsea 4-Piece Deep Seating Set with 45" Rectangular Coffee Table
Kingsley-Bate Chelsea 4-Piece Deep Seating Set with 45" Rectangular Coffee Table

Kingsley-Bate Chelsea 4-Piece Deep Seating Set with 45" Rectangular Coffee Table

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Item #: CO30, CO80, CL45
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Grade A: Sunbrella Ash | 5-CUS67-4110 Grade A: Sunbrella Canvas - 2 wk. Quick Ship | 5-CUS67-5453 Grade A: Sunbrella Coal | 5-CUS67-5489 Grade A: Sunbrella Fog | 5-CUS67-4108 Grade A: Sunbrella Navy | 5-CUS67-6439 Grade A: Sunbrella Oat | 5-CUS67-4109 Grade A: Sunbrella Ocean | 5-CUS67-4107 Grade A: Sunbrella Spa - 2 wk. Quick Ship | 5-CUS67-5413 Grade A: Outdura Antique Beige | 5-CUS67-6422 Grade A: Outdura Black | 5-CUS67-6408 Grade A: Sunbrella Capri Blue | 5-CUS67-5426 Grade A: Sunbrella Charcoal | 5-CUS67-54048 Grade A: Sunbrella Cloud | 5-CUS67-5404 Grade A: Sunbrella Cocoa | 5-CUS67-5425 Grade A: Denim | 5-CUS67-9869 Grade A: Sunbrella Fern | 5-CUS67-5487 Grade A: Outdura Forest Green | 5-CUS67-6446 Grade A: Sunbrella Gavin Mist | 5-CUS67-56052 Grade A: Hampton Denim | 5-CUS67-5137 Grade A: Sunbrella Heather Beige | 5-CUS67-5476 Grade A: Sunbrella Lilac | 5-CUS67-4143 Grade A: Sunbrella Meadow | 5-CUS67-4128 Grade A: Millstone | 5-CUS67-9862 Grade A: Sunbrella Mineral Blue | 5-CUS67-5420 Grade A: Montauk Denim | 5-CUS67-5127 Grade A: Outdura Neptune | 5-CUS67-6433 Grade A: Outdura Royal Navy | 5-CUS67-5442 Grade A: Sunbrella Sapphire Blue | 5-CUS67-5452 Grade A: Sunbrella Seville Seaside | 5-CUS67-5608 Grade A: Sharkskin | 5-CUS67-9415 Grade A: Outdura Sparkle Birch | 5-CUS67-1706 Grade A: Outdura Sparkle Buttercup | 5-CUS67-1712 Grade A: Outdura Sparkle Navy | 5-CUS67-1726 Grade A: Outdura Sparkle Pesto | 5-CUS67-1702 Grade A: Outdura Sparkle Snow | 5-CUS67-1732 Grade A: Outdura Sparkle Taupe | 5-CUS67-1731 Grade A: Sunbrella Spectrum Cilantro | 5-CUS67-48022 Grade A: Sunbrella Spectrum Eggshell | 5-CUS67-48018 Grade A: Sunbrella Spectrum Graphite | 5-CUS67-48030 Grade A: Sunbrella Spectrum Mushroom | 5-CUS67-48031 Grade A: Sunbrella Spectrum Sand | 5-CUS67-48019 Grade A: Sunbrella Taupe | 5-CUS67-5461 Grade A: Outdura Terra Cotta | 5-CUS67-6415 Grade A: Sunbrella Walnut | 5-CUS67-5470 Grade B: Sunbrella Adena Graystone (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-4468 Grade B: Sunbrella Airblue (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-5410 Grade B: Sunbrella Coastal (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-54012 Grade B: Sunbrella Cue Dune (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-4651 Grade B: Sunbrella Cue Parchment (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-4650 Grade B: Dolce Admiral (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-5091 Grade B: Dolce Sky (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-5094 Grade B: Sunbrella Dupioni Crimson (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-8051 Grade B: Sunbrella Dupioni Dove (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-8069 Grade B: Sunbrella Dupioni Laurel (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-8015 Grade B: Sunbrella Dupioni Papaya (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-8053 Grade B: Sunbrella Dupioni Paradise (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-8050 Grade B: Sunbrella Natural Rib (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-7704 Grade B: Sunbrella Parrot (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-5405 Grade B: Pinstripe Denim (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-1472 Grade B: Pinstripe Granite (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-1474 Grade B: Outdura Red (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-6403 Grade B: Sunbrella Rust (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-54010 Grade B: Striato Anthracite (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-5172 Grade B: Striato Silver (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-5171 Grade B: Sunbrella Tangerine (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-5406 Grade B: Sunbrella Taupe/Beige Rib (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-7761 Grade B: Sunbrella Ticking Capri (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-4035 Grade B: Sunbrella Ticking Jade (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-4034 Grade B: Sunbrella Ticking Ocean (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-4033 Grade B: Sunbrella Topside Indigo (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-1301 Grade B: Sunbrella Topside Nautical (+$250.00) | 5-CUS67-1303 Grade C: Sunbrella Fretwork Navy (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-4990 Grade C: Sunbrella Fretwork Ocean (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-4992 Grade C: Sunbrella Neo Indigo (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-457185 Grade C: Sunbrella Neo Silk (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-457180 Grade C: Sunbrella Rain Canvas (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-9953 Grade C: Sunbrella Rain Fog (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-9908 Grade C: Sunbrella Rain Navy (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-9939 Grade C: Sunbrella Rain Oat (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-9909 Grade C: Sunbrella Rain Ocean (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-9907 Grade C: Sunbrella Rain Spa (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-9913 Grade C: Sunbrella Rain Spectrum Mushroom (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-9931 Grade C: Sunbrella Rain Taupe (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-9961 Grade C: Sunbrella Rialto Ash (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-1410 Grade C: Sunbrella Rialto Parchment (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-1414 Grade C: Sunbrella Rochelle Bleu (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-4300 Grade C: Sunbrella Rochelle Natural (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-4303 Grade C: Sunbrella Rochelle Parchment (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-4302 Grade C: Sunbrella Rochelle Spice (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-4301 Grade C: Sunbrella Rochelle Toffee (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-4305 Grade C: Sunbrella Sailcloth Sahara (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-32016 Grade C: Sunbrella Sailcloth Salt (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-32018 Grade C: Sunbrella Sailcloth Sand (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-32002 Grade C: Sunbrella Sailcloth Seagull (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-32023 Grade C: Sunbrella Toile Denim White Flowers (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-1451 Grade C: Sunbrella Toile Meadow White Flowers (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-1449 Grade C: Sunbrella Toile White Denim Flowers (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-1452 Grade C: Sunbrella Toile White Meadow Flowers (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-1450 Grade C: Sunbrella Tweede Denim (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-4581 Grade C: Sunbrella Tweede Granite (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-4580 Grade C: Sunbrella Tweede Pebble (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-4584 Grade D: Batik Navy (+$1050.00) | 5-CUS67-4942 Grade D: Sunbrella Fish Bones (+$1050.00) | 5-CUS67-6060 Grade D: Heirloom (+$1050.00) | 5-CUS67-2813 Grade C: Sunbrella Interlock Ocean (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-4591 Grade D: Renaissance Cobalt Parchment (+$1050.00) | 5-CUS67-4953 Grade D: Renaissance Parchment Cobalt (+$1050.00) | 5-CUS67-4952 Grade C: Sunbrella Solana Seagull (+$800.00) | 5-CUS67-3208 Grade D: Sunbrella Taj Silk (+$1050.00) | 5-CUS67-6061
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Product Details
Get universally appealing good looks and low maintenance with the Kingsley-Bate Chelsea 4-Piece Deep Seating Set with 45" Rectangular Coffee Table. This pre-configured set comes with a large, 3 person sofa and 2 elegant lounge chairs surrounding a slat-topped rectangular coffee table. The table top allows water to run through and the attractive wood construction of all of the pieces is weather resistant. Each seating pieces are covered in plush, 6" thick cushions that are fast drying and fade resistant. Choose from dozens of attractive fabric colors and patterns to match your taste and decor.

Set includes two Chelsea Lounge Chairs, one Chelsea 3-Seat Sofa, one Classic 28" x 45" x 15.5" Coffee Table.

Review the Kingsley-Bate Catalog for the complete Kingsley-Bate outdoor furnishings and accessories. Questions regarding furniture cleaning and tips can be found in the Kingsley-Bate Care and Maintenance Sheet. All questions related to warranty information can be answered by reviewing the Kingsley-Bate Warranty.
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