Kingsley-Bate Stainless Steel Anti-Corrosion Wax

Kingsley-Bate Stainless Steel Anti-Corrosion Wax
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Stainless Steel outdoor furniture, despite its durability, requires regular minimal maintenance to keep it looking like new so we recommend cleaning your furniture periodically or atleast once a year. To clean your stainless steel furniture, use fresh water to rinse the frame thoroughly while using a decent amount of water pressure (NOTE: Do not pressure wash just to be safe). Despites its strength and weather resistant qualities, stainless steel might discolor due to salt water or chlorine exposure. Always be careful to avoid any teak details on the furniture as high pressure can erode the surface of the timber.

Review the Kingsley-Bate Catalog for the complete Kingsley-Bate outdoor furnishings and accessories. Questions regarding furniture cleaning and tips can be found in the Kingsley-Bate Care and Maintenance Sheet. All questions related to warranty information can be answered by reviewing the Kingsley-Bate Warranty.