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Lee Industries Bermuda 4-Piece Sectional

Lee Industries Bermuda 4-Piece Sectional

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Item #: US127-08 + US127-06 + US127-10 + US127-04RF
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Grade L: Sunbrella Canopy Canvas Grade L: Sunbrella Canopy Taupe Grade L: Sunbrella Oliver Taupe Grade L: Sunbrella Rascal Spa Grade L: Sunbrella Rascal White Grade M: Sunbrella Fife Aqua (+$57.00) Grade M: Sunbrella Kramer Dove (+$57.00) Grade M: Sunbrella Kramer Dune (+$57.00) Grade M: Sunbrella Kramer Seaglass (+$57.00) Grade P: Sunbrella Ralph Smoke (+$293.00) Grade P: Sunbrella Ralph Truffle (+$293.00) Grade Q: Sunbrella Crawford Bark (+$372.00) Grade Q: Sunbrella Crawford Mineral (+$372.00) Grade Q: Sunbrella Crawford Natural (+$372.00) Grade Q: Tempotest Donatello Midnight (+$372.00) Grade Q: Tempotest Donatello Silver (+$372.00) Grade Q: Tempotest Donatello Snow (+$372.00) Grade R: Sunbrella Keaton Mist (+$450.00) Grade R: Sunbrella Keaton Mist Reverse (+$450.00) Grade R: Sunbrella Keaton Vapor (+$450.00) Grade R: Sunbrella Keaton Vapor Reverse (+$450.00) Grade T: Sunbrella Sims Granite (+$608.00) Grade T: Sunbrella Sims Oatmeal (+$608.00) Grade T: Sunbrella Spinnaker Cream (+$608.00) Grade T: Sunbrella Spinnaker Sahara (+$608.00) Grade T: Sunbrella Spinnaker Salt (+$608.00) Grade T: Sunbrella Spinnaker Seagull (+$608.00) Grade T: Tempotest Michelangelo Cobblestone (+$608.00) Grade T: Tempotest Michelangelo Cream (+$608.00) Grade T: Tempotest Michelangelo Doe (+$608.00) Grade T: Tempotest Raffaello Cream (+$608.00) Grade T: Tempotest Raffaello Putty (+$608.00) Grade T: Tempotest Raffaello Stone (+$608.00) Grade T: Tempotest Raffaello Wicker (+$608.00) Grade V: Sunbrella Posh White (+$765.00) Grade V: Sunbrella Wendell Eggshell (+$765.00) Grade V: Sunbrella Wendell Latte (+$765.00) Grade V: Sunbrella Wendell Parchment (+$765.00) Grade Z: Sunbrella Maui Cream (+$1080.00) Grade Z: Sunbrella Maui Grey (+$1080.00) Grade Z: Sunbrella Maui Ocean (+$1080.00) Grade Z: Sunbrella Maui Taupe (+$1080.00) Grade Z: Sunbrella Maui White (+$1080.00) Grade II: Sunbrella Lush Mink (+$1789.00)
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Product Details
Each section in the Lee Industries Bermuda 4-Piece Section has a frame which has been engineered to shed water quickly. The cushions and Sunbrella fabric are weather resistant, fade resistant and will not mildew. Cushion fill has been chosen for its quick-draining properties and its ability to resist clumping and mildew. Indoor comfort has been built into each piece, ensuring you of outdoor furniture that is built to withstand the elements, and provide you with the comfort you need for hours of outdoor enjoyment. This 4-piece group consists of an armless chair, square corner armchair, square ottoman and a right-arm-facing armchair.

Review the LEE Industries Catalog for the complete line of LEE Industries outdoor furnishings. For more information about the construction that goes into building these all-weather uncovered frame and cushions please review the How LEE is Made Sheet. Additional warranty details can be located in the LEE Industries Warranty Sheet. To keep your slipcover in the best condition please review the LEE Industries Slipcover Cleaning & Care Sheet.
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