| | | Lynx Sedona 30" L500 Gas Grill
Lynx Sedona 30" L500 Gas Grill

Lynx Sedona 30" L500 Gas Grill

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The Lynx Sedona 30" Grill is a great size for a summer kitchen with limited space. The 30" wide Sedona Grill is offered with two burner styles choose one variable temperature ProSear infrared burner and one traditional stainless steel tube burner or 2 stainless steel u-shape tube burners. Both options pull a total of 46,000 BTUs, which is more than adequate to produce high heat for the 508 square inches of primary cooking space.

This grill is available with an independent 12,500 BTU rear rotisserie burner that includes a compact motor, spit rod and two spit forks. The 30" Sedona is also available with an optional cart on heavy-duty rolling casters to turn your grill into a movable outdoor kitchen.

The Lynx Sedona Grills are extremely similar to the Lynx Professional Grills series with three small differences. The Sedona has a reliable spark ignition system vs. a hot surface ignition system. The Sedona has an 18-SR stainless steel burner (23,000 BTUs) with a twelve year warranty vs. a cast brass burner (25,000 BTUs) with a lifetime warranty. The final main difference is the Sedona has the original market leading ProSear burner vs. the next generation ProSear 2 burner. The exterior of both grills, including the quality of the stainless steel, is identical between the Sedona and the Lynx Professional Grills. All Lynx Grills are made in the U.S.A.

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