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Recacril Fabric - White

Recacril Fabric - White

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Brand: Recacril
Fabric Color: Neutrals
Collection: Solids
Width: 60" (inches) *price is per 60"
Fabric Type: 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic - Awning

Recacril canvases are high performance fabrics made from solution-dyed acrylic fibers. Specially designed for awning and sun protection items, if proper maintenance is performed and the awning is installed with a minimum slope of 14, the Recacril canvases also offer a good protection against light and short rains.

All manufacturing processes of spinning and weaving are optimized to give to the canvas a high tensile and tear strength, and to present an excellent surface finish for applying the Infinity Process high-tech coating.

The finishing Infinity Process offers exceptional repellency to water and dirt, obtaining a durable fabric that keeps its aesthetic allure over the lifetime.

The Recacril canvases are very easy to handle because the fabric is always kept up when cut and do not curl when also needs to be sew. The more closed and less porous structure from the Recacril canvases make them easy for printing. This configuration provides better adhesion of the vinyl when heat transfer equipment is used. If screen printing is used, the closed structure of the yarns, allow less ink to pass through, which results in sharper, and more defined prints.

The Recacril canvases follow a rigorous quality control throughout the manufacturing process, meeting all requirements for obtaining approval of the UNE-EN 13561:2004+A1:2009 (Performance requirements including awnings security).

Due to handling during preparation or installation of the awning, some imperfections can occur. These small irregularities such as veining, small folds or whitish streaks are inherent in the nature of acrylic fiber and do not harm the properties of the canvas. Therefore, is not the responsibility of the installer or manufacturer.

Whitish marbled streaks appears on wrinkle formation during the manufacture and installation of the awning. This is caused by an optical effect of different refraction of light. Are minor brands that are appreciated more for transparency. The light colored canvas are more sensitive to the formation of these imperfections than dark colored canvases.

Small folds can appear along the seams by rolling the canvas due to increased thickness of the seam. All fabric sales are final.
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