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Sunjel Premium Gel Fuel Pack

Sunjel Premium Gel Fuel Pack

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Item #: SJ-12-PACK, SJ-24-PACK
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SunJel has been making quality gel fuel for fireplaces since 1985. With the cleanest burning fuel on the market you can enjoy the comfort of a fire indoors or outdoors. All SunJel products are easy to light and require no ventilation. Each can burns for approximately 3 hours with a beautiful 7 inch vibrant yellow flame and has a wonderful crackling sound.

Burn Time Information: SunJel burns for approximately 3 hours.
- Sun Jel gel fuel is tested in Terra Flame Home fireplaces.
- Burn time results may vary depending on the environment as every situation is different. Burn time variables include but are not limited to: type of fireplace, elevation, airflow, and outdoor temperature.

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