| | | Treasure Garden 9' Octagonal Wood Pulley Umbrella - 24 hr. QUICK SHIP
Treasure Garden 9' Octagonal Wood Pulley Umbrella - 24 hr. QUICK SHIP

Treasure Garden 9' Octagonal Wood Pulley Umbrella - 24 hr. QUICK SHIP

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Item #: UM8091
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Grade D: Solefin Black | SWV-C809-2408 Grade D: Solefin Forest Green | SWV-C809-2446 Grade D: Solefin Macaw | SWV-C809-2429 Grade D: Solefin Navy | SWV-C809-2439 Grade D: Solefin Really Red | SWV-C809-2412 Grade D: Solefin Tuscan | SWV-C809-2417 Grade D: Solefin Banana | SWV-C809-2402 Grade D: Solefin Walnut | SWV-C809-2470 Grade C: Obravia Black (+$28.00) | SWV-C809-4808 Grade C: Obravia Boulder (+$28.00) | SWV-C809-4820 Grade C: Burnt Orange (+$28.00) | SWV-C809-4809 Grade C: Obravia Cobalt (+$28.00) | SWV-C809-4801 Grade C: Obravia Eggshell (+$28.00) | SWV-C809-4804 Grade C: Obravia Forest Green (+$28.00) | SWV-C809-4846 Grade C: Obravia Khaki (+$28.00) | SWV-C809-4822 Grade C: Obravia Kiwi (+$28.00) | SWV-C809-4811 Grade C: Obravia Moss (+$28.00) | SWV-C809-4887 Grade C: Obravia Navy (+$28.00) | SWV-C809-4839 Grade C: Obravia Ocean Breeze Stripe (+$28.00) | SWV-C809-4897 Grade C: Obravia Red (+$28.00) | SWV-C809-4803 Grade C: Obravia Rosewood (+$28.00) | SWV-C809-4870 Grade C: Obravia Sand (+$28.00) | SWV-C809-4876 Grade C: Obravia Spa (+$28.00) | SWV-C809-4813 Grade C: Obravia Sunset (+$28.00) | SWV-C809-4815 Grade C: Obravia Taupe (+$28.00) | SWV-C809-4861 Grade C: Obravia Vanilla - Ships 24 hrs. (+$28.00) | SWV-C809-4853
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Product Details
Treasure Garden's 9' Hardwood Quad Pulley Lift Umbrella - 24 hr. Quick Ship uses a quad-pulley system which makes it easy to deploy the canopy at home and is suitable for use in commercial locations. The frame is solid hardwood that is FSC certified and is a strong option for both the 1.5 inch pole and canopy ribs. For our 24 hr. quick ship version, choose from Solefin or O'Bravia fabric canopy colors, all with a single wind vent, and know that your umbrella will be shipped within one business day. Additional canopies colors are available with an extended lead-time when choosing our standard Umbrella base is sold separately.

This 24 hr. Quick Ship wood umbrella ships next business day. These Treasure Garden Wood Umbrellas are only available as Single Wind Vent (SWV), without a Valance and with a Grade D Solefin or Grade C O'Bravia Canopy.

Our website features Treasure Garden's most popular fabrics. Additional fabric colors are available. Please inquire if interested in purchasing fabrics not shown by calling 866-350-8325 for details and available options.
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