| | | Tuuci Ocean Master Max F-1 Shade
Tuuci Ocean Master Max F-1 Shade

Tuuci Ocean Master Max F-1 Shade

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Item #: F1OMX13.0SQ, F1OMX18.0OCT
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Textured Bright White Sea Shell White Silver Ash Gray Polished Silver Textured Espresso Hammered Bronze Jet Black
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Tuuci’s innovative technology has yielded improvements in counter-wind force engineering, which is found exclusively in the Ocean Master MAX Collection. The Ocean Master Max F-1 Shade is the most wind-resistant and durable design, featuring Armor-Wall-Aluminum Construction and high-tension stainless steel reinforcement cables. The F-1 Shade is mounted into the ground and reinforced with steel anchors and concrete, and is made to resist up to 45 MPH winds.

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