All-Weather Rug Buying Guide

Selecting the perfect all-weather rug will define your space and infuse it with your own personal style. In addition to the obvious aesthetic value, outdoor rugs serve many practical purposes. Consider some of these functional benefits when narrowing down the right indoor/outdoor rugs for your needs.

An outdoor rug can:

  • Define specific outdoor living spaces, like lounge areas and dining areas.
  • Protect outdoor flooring surfaces from furniture or the elements.
  • Provide cover for less attractive outdoor flooring areas, like a concrete patio or garage/workspace.
  • Provide traction to areas that can occasionally become slippery.
  • Keep dirt at bay in outdoor spaces that transition to indoor spaces.

We encourage you to keep the following criteria in mind when selecting the ideal rugs for your outdoor spaces.


All of AuthenTEAK’s rugs are constructed from man-made, synthetic materials that are every bit as comfortable and attractive as a natural rug you’d find inside your house. Synthetic materials also prolong the life and beauty of your all-weather investment. A synthetic rug will provide you with:

  • Resistance to fading over time
  • Resistance to mildew
  • Easier maintenance, as synthetics clean easily with soap and water

With proper care, a synthetic outdoor rug will last many years. Adding a rug pad made specifically for outdoor use elevates it over outdoor surfaces to enhance drainage and extend life of your investment.


Our all-weather outdoor rugs are available in two styles of construction; flat weaves and looped weaves. Both have benefits, and knowing the differences will help ensure the right choice.

Flat Weaves

  • Flat weaves mimic natural materials like sisal and seagrass but offer better durability and mildew resistance.
  • They are appropriate for fully exposed spaces as they dry quickly after rain.
  • They can also be ideal indoor rugs in high traffic areas like under a kitchen table, in a mud room or anywhere you want to replicate the look of a natural woven rug with less maintenance and more durability.

Looped and Pile Weaves

  • Looped-and pile style all-weather outdoor rugs have similar plush finishes found in most indoor rugs.
  • They are ideal for covered areas – like sunrooms or covered porches – where they won’t be exposed to heavy rain.
  • A looped or pile all-weather rug can also be appropriate substitutes for indoor-only rugs when you want softness and stain resistance, like kid’s playrooms or family rooms.


Like traditional indoor rugs, all-weather outdoor rugs come in square, circular and rectangular shapes. Always pair round rugs with round tables and square or rectangular rugs with square or rectangular tables. Where more casual, non-dining seating is concerned, a square or rectangular rug is typically the standard.

Here are some tips for selecting the right size rug for your outdoor space:

In dining areas, match the shape of your rug to the shape of your table, allowing 24” of rug beyond the table’s edge so that the chairs rest comfortably on the rug.

In casual seating areas, follow the same guidelines of indoor rugs – you may choose to have all furniture entirely on the rug, only front legs of chairs and sofas on the rug, or no seating on the rug at all, opting for just the coffee table on the rug with seating placed around the edges. This can be a personal choice and may be guided by available space or your budget. A rug that extends all the way under your entire seating collection is the ideal luxurious look, but is not a must. As a general rule, purchase the largest size rug the space will accommodate, while taking your budget into consideration.

Matching 2’x4’ or 3’x5’ rugs are great for use inside front and back entrance doors, in a mudroom or laundry room. 

Most of our all-weather rugs also come in runner sizes that are great solutions for areas often susceptible to wetness, like bathrooms or in front of long vanities or bathtubs.


At AuthenTEAK, we offer a broad selection of superior-quality indoor/outdoor rugs varying in style, color, material and size. But each of them all share several key qualities. When making your final selections from AuthenTEAK, know with confidence that four qualities of any rug you choose have already been considered on your behalf:

  • Durability: Made to withstand high foot traffic, our rugs are also excellent for indoor dining rooms, kitchens and hallways. They are easy to keep clean and care for.
  • Comfort: Despite being fabricated to hold up to the rigors of the outdoors, comfort has not been sacrificed. These rugs feel great underfoot.
  • Fade resistance: Every rug has been proven to maintain its aesthetic integrity, with many featuring UV stability.
  • Weather resistance: Unlike indoor-only rugs, these rugs are designed to resist outdoor weather conditions including rain, while preventing mold and mildew.

Have any additional questions about selecting the right outdoor rug? Chat with us online or give the showroom a call. We are here to help.