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2022’s Color Forecast: Neutral & White Patio Furniture and Accessories

2022’s Color Forecast: Neutral & White Patio Furniture and Accessories

The Drift

We spoke with AuthenTEAK Design Associate Shae Parker about how to decorate with 2022’s trending color story: earthy neutrals. Think: organic, textured elements and shades of brown, stone, ivory, and white patio furniture and decor. Here’s the drift when decorating with neutrals:

  • When choosing patio furniture colors, map out your color palette first, and then refine shades based on what works with the lighting.

  • Add dimension via organic materials, such as Zachary A Design’s stone tables, which are “grounding, low maintenance and can be used indoors and outdoors.”

  • Soften the look and add texture by adding all-weather wicker pieces or a woven rug.

  • Don’t be afraid to bring the outdoors in. “There are no rules. Outdoor decor is not just for the outdoors anymore.”

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From shades of white patio furniture to browns, taupes, and creams, the color forecast for 2022 points to all things serene, earthy, and neutral. For a New Year’s refresh that’s as easy as it is impactful, AuthenTEAK Design Associate Shae Parker shares her tips for successfully designing with neutrals indoors and out. 

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If there’s one thing industry experts agree on, it’s the move towards tranquility in design. “Designers and homeowners alike are gravitating towards creating a more calming effect,” says Parker. “Neutrals are classic and timeless and also offer flexibility in design.”

Anchoring a space with neutral fabrics and earthy colors creates a versatile canvas that can be tailored to any style. Whether that’s through patio furniture colors (expect organic shades of brown and white patio furniture to be trending in 2022), fabrics, or accessories, “neutrals are compatible with all style types, from modern to boho to farmhouse to coastal,” says Parker. “Softer colors also translate better from season to season.”

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When decorating a space, map out your color palette first, then refine your shades based on what works with the lighting, advises Parker. “Choose colors that you’re drawn to and then base the shade on the type of lighting that is available,” Parker says. “Lighting changes everything. The sun will rise and set, creating the appearance of altered colors, just as if your space is covered or shadowed by a building or tree line.”

Consider shade coverage, as well as the direction of the sun. Dark brown outdoor furniture, for instance, might be most desirable for South-facing spaces, where the light “can cause dark colors to appear brighter and light colors to look dull or faded,” advises Parker. Conversely, you might find that warm-toned shades of white patio furniture, accessories, or paint colors work well in North-facing spaces.

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Neutrals may be soothing, but they’re certainly not boring. Keep neutral spaces from looking flat by layering textured elements, which add a sense of dimension.

Parker’s suggestion: Incorporate natural materials in the form of wood or stone base pieces, such as a Zachary A Design stone table. “These elements are grounding, low maintenance, and can be used indoors and outdoors. You can soften this look by adding a woven rug and pair these elements with upholstered pieces, keeping your design multidimensional.”

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A move towards neutral hues also nods to the relationship between indoors and out. “I see neutrals playing the role of bringing the outdoors in,” notes Parker. “Bringing materials like all-weather wicker indoors through accent pieces. There are no rules, outdoor decor is not just for the outdoors anymore.”

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Whatever the trend, Parker encourages making it your own. “Stay true to yourself,” she says. “Use neutral elements as a base—like paint, furniture, or flooring—and add fun colors and textures in accessories like artwork, rugs, throws, pillows, and decor.” For instance, consider pairing shades brown outdoor furniture with accent pillows and accessories that have plenty of texture. Or dress up white patio furniture with complementary materials that add depth —like stone or all-weather wicker.