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Patio Pro Tips - How to Pick and Hang Outdoor Curtains

Patio Pro Tips - How to Pick and Hang Outdoor Curtains

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By: Claire Ruhlin

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Before hanging outdoor curtains: choose your style

Whether you want to add privacy or shade your space from the sun, outdoor curtains are a great way to refresh your outdoor space and complement outdoor decor. When choosing the best outdoor curtains for your space, consider what kind of pattern, material, length, and hanging style works best for you. Below are some tips to keep in mind.

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What to consider when choosing outdoor curtains

Look for waterproof and weather-resistant materials.
Polyethylene-based fabrics are the best materials for long-lasting outdoor curtains. It’s even better if the fabric is infused or treated with solutions that prevent mold, mildew, and rot.

UV ratings.
Look for curtains rated and designed to block UVA and UVB rays.

Built-in grommets or loop panels.
These make it easy to hang your curtains. 

Take measurements of your space.
Most outdoor curtains are available in a variety of lengths, but you can also hem and alter them if needed. Choosing a length depends on how much of the curtain you’d like to pool on the ground (between 2 and 8 inches is the general rule of thumb). Pooling curtains will be a little more resistant to wind.

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How to hang grommet curtains

Most outdoor curtains come with built-in grommets or tabs, which make it easy to use a traditional curtain rod to hang your curtains. First, measure the area where you want to hang your curtains. Curtain rods can be mounted onto wood with hardware, or you can opt for rods that work with tension if you’re using lightweight curtains. Slide the curtain onto the rod and fix the rod onto the mounting brackets.

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How to hang outdoor curtains without a rod

For spaces that don’t support curtain rod installation, you can use heavy-gauge steel wire rope. You’ll need eye hooks and wall anchors to secure the rod to something nearby (like a patio post or the exterior of your house). Before securing the other side, run the wire through the curtain grommets or panel.

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How to keep outdoor curtains from billowing

To keep outdoor curtains in place, consider these tips

  • Place weighs (or something heavy like washers or stones) in the hem of your curtains.
  • Wind curtains around heavier potted plants
  • Use decorative curtain tie-backs to cinch curtains in the middle
  • Place curtains between heavy outdoor furniture

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