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Your guide to pet-friendly rugs for indoor and outdoor spaces

Your guide to pet-friendly rugs for indoor and outdoor spaces

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By: Claire Ruhlin

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Good news: You can have pets and beautiful rugs. The best pet-friendly rugs are stain-resistant and easy to clean (and as a bonus, they also stand up to high traffic and work both indoors and out). Well-made indoor-outdoor rugs are ideal for homes with pets (or kids) because they’re available in a variety of designs that look like indoor rugs, with all the longevity and durability of an outdoor rug. Here, will dive into why these are great dog-friendly rugs, as well as how to find the best pet-friendly rug for your home.

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These days, indoor-outdoor, pet-friendly rugs are crafted using the same fashion-forward patterns and textures as indoor rugs, allowing customers to achieve an aesthetic without sacrificing function. The key difference is in the materials; pet-friendly rugs are crafted with high-quality performance fabrics that are mold- and mildew-resistant, stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and a breeze to clean.

What’s more, rug manufacturers are now able to replicate the intricate designs, rich colors, and textural feel of luxury handmade rugs, but in performance yarn, all available at a moderate price point.

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The construction of pet-friendly rugs informs not only their pile, texture, and dimension. The main construction of indoor-outdoor rugs specifically is power-loomed (or machine-made), hand-woven, hand-tufted, and braided.

Machine-made rugs are machine-made on electrically powered looms that are controlled by computers. They feature a wide range of color options and complex designs. Machine-made rugs are typically made of synthetic fibers like polyester, polypropylene, or recycled PET yarns, making this construction a good choice for easy-care, pet-friendly rugs. 

Hand-woven (or hand-loomed) rugs are made on hand-operated looms where weavers use a rod to shoot the fibers vertically across the length of the rug. These rugs typically have low or medium piles.

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When choosing the right pet-friendly rug for your home, consider both material and construction as well as a pile (a point of reference for the density or thickness of a rug). Also, consider the amount of foot traffic your space might have and the size and shape of your area. You’ll also want to think about what kind of colors or patterns you want to bring into your space (pet-friendly rugs are available in a variety of styles, from vintage-inspired to modern to solid).

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Before you start looking at pet-friendly rug sizes, measure the dimensions of your space to work out the approximate square footage you have to work with. When it comes to outdoor rug sizes, it’s generally safe to err on the larger side. For a room-by-room rug guide, consult our Rug Size Guide for an in-depth breakdown.

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