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A representation of the ever-evolving trends and tastes of the present, contemporary furniture combines a myriad of influences. Think modern living, innovative designs, and global influences.

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The Gloster Grid Collection

A bridge between minimalism and modern luxury, Gloster’s Grid collection proves that there’s beauty in simplicity.

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Characterized by clean lines, organic and streamlined forms, and minimal embellishments, mid-century modern furniture takes style cues from the mid-20th century. Bold colors and geometric prints are also hallmarks of mid-century modern furniture.

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The Nardi Net Collection

A collection for embracing la dolce vita. Relaxed yet refined, the Net collection from Italian brand Nardi is made from recycled fiberglass and decorated with a radial pattern of square perforations.

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Transitional furniture bridges contemporary and traditional styles, embracing tonal, textural, and often (though not always) monochromatic design elements. In this style, you’ll typically find soft curves and linear designs paired with layered textures.

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The Kingsley Bate Catherine Collection

The Catherine collection combines laid-back details with fresh styling. Weather-resistant wicker lends texture and depth to this collection of dining and lounge furniture, which features furniture frames constructed from grade-A teak.

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Designed with clean, simple lines and neutral tones, Scandinavian furniture emphasizes function and beauty. Clean yet cozy, this style is an ode to Scandinavian design’s minimalism and simple styling.

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The Cane-line Endless Collection

Designed by two of Scandinavia’s most renowned furniture designers, Johannes Foersom and Peter Hiort-Lorenzen (MDD), the Endless collection balances comfortable materials and warm colors with minimal designs and simple lines.

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Rustic Furniture

Rustic furniture pays homage to elements of nature with weathered or distressed surfaces, raw wood, earthy textures, and organic shapes. These versatile furnishings also typically feature subdued colors and a laid-back feel.

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The Gloster Raw Collection

Just as no two trees are the same, no two pieces of Raw furniture are identical. Gloster’s Raw collection celebrates the irregularity of nature, whether it’s the color and depth of wood or the checks and splits of each log.

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Ornate details, rich colors, and luxe upholstery are all hallmarks of classic furniture. Inspired by various historical periods, this furniture is characterized by its refined and elegant look.

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The POLYWOOD Chippendale Collection

Inspired by 18th-century pieces from England, POLYWOOD’s timeless Chippendale collection featuresintricate designs that add timeless luxury to any outdoor space.

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A fusion of global styles, Bohemian furniture emphasizes organic, natural elements, earthy tones, and layered textures. This free-spirited style is all about forgoing rules and mixing various artistic sensibilities.

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The Cane-line Hive Collection

Inspired by the beehive shape, Cane-line’s Hive collection features a wicker-style frame constructed from weather-resistant Cane-line Weave®, which mimics the look of organic materials while remaining durable enough for outdoor use.

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Inspired by the rugged look of factories and warehouses, industrial furniture is characterized by a mix of hard-wearing materials like metal, wood, and concrete, as well as exposed hardware and simple silhouettes.

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The Barlow Tyrie Aura Collection

Mixed materials and sleek lines characterize the Barlow Tyrie Aura collection, which combines form and function.

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Laid-back and effortless, coastal furniture utilizes organic textures and nature-inspired materials to create a sense of calm. Nautical hues and patterns echo the easygoing elegance of a coastal resort.

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The Kingsley Bate Sag Harbor Collection

Inspired by the Hamptons village of Sag Harbor, this collection from Kingsley Bate cultivates coastal ease with an all-weather wicker woven finish and tailored outdoor cushions engineered for both comfort and longevity.

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The farmhouse furniture style evokes the warmth of rural living through natural textures, simple silhouettes, and neutral tones. Classic patterns and vintage elements can add timeless charm to this furniture style.

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The Sika Design Teak Collection

Crafted from recycled, premium-quality teak, Sika Design’s George dining set features a solid plank top on an architectural truss beam base. Natural deviations in the recycled wood add an organic feel to this classic silhouette.

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Get inspired to create a tailor-made outdoor oasis by browsing trending styles of luxury outdoor furniture from vetted, industry-trusted brands. Whether you’re looking for outdoor lounging, outdoor dining, or accessories, there’s a furniture style and collection for your taste and space. When shopping through AuthenTEAK, you’ll always enjoy free standard shipping on trending outdoor furniture collections, with White Glove Delivery available and financing options through Affirm.

From contemporary to classic, transitional to Scandinavian, there’s an outdoor furniture style for every space and every taste. Get inspired and browse AuthenTEAK’s curated selection of luxury outdoor furniture collections from leading, industry-trusted brands to bring your outdoor oasis to life. Whether you’re hoping to create an organic rustic retreat, a sleek, mid-century modern escape, or a timeless and traditional gathering space, bring the vacation home with these trending outdoor furniture collections.

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