Unwasted believes in the quality of the product we are providing to you. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of our product. Unwasted will honor warranty claims within a five-year period of shipment of the product, following the terms and conditions listed below:

• Proof of purchase is necessary by the original purchaser for all warranty claims. 
• Items cannot be warranted beyond the original scope of the 5 year from shipment period. 
• Warranty does not cover regular usage or seasonal damage of the product. 
• Acts of nature are not warranted. 
• Unintended usage of the product is not covered by warranty. 
• Warranty is void if a non-affiliated party has attempted to make repairs. 

We will replace the components, hardware or whole pieces of the unit as necessary after an evaluation from customer service. We will replace any defective part, but shipping and labor associated will be paid by the customer. Unwasted customer service for warranty claims can be reached at letstalktrash@unwasted.com or (416)-760-9100 ext. 5200.

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