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Cleaning Tropitone Furniture


Cleaning & Caring for Your Tropitone Furniture

Regular periodic care of your Tropitone furniture will maintain its appearance and functionality better than occasional, heavy duty maintenance. Consider the specific conditions and usage to which your product is exposed so appropriate maintenance is provided. Product failure caused by a lack of reasonable and necessary care and maintenance is not covered by the product warranty.

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Assemble a Table

Replace a Table Top

Step-by-step Video Instructions on how to
Assemble a Tropitone Table.
 Step-by-step Video Instructions on how to 
Replace a Tropitone Table Top.


Replace a Sling


Touch Up a Table Top


 Step-by-step Video Instructions on how to replace a Sling on a Tropitone Sling Dining Chair.  Step-by-step Video Instructions on how to 
Touch Up a Tropitone Stoneworks Table Top. Also, download the PDF file to learn more about 
Table Top Touch Up Instructions.


Touch Up Finishes

Step-by-step Video Instructions on how to Touch 
Up Tropitone Finishes.


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