Eco-Friendly Outdoor Patio Furniture

A dinner table with six chairs on a back porch

An eco-friendly patio is much easier and more practical to put together than you might imagine. Decorate your outdoor living space with eco-friendly patio furniture that looks beautiful and lasts longer than the majority of options in the outdoor furniture market.

A close up of a faux teak chair


Eco-friendly materials are healthy for both the planet and your wallet. They are more resistant to termites, water damage and dirt than traditionally sourced wood. Most are not subject to rot and do not require extensive maintenance to keep them functional. Cleaning is also simple- a hose might be all you need. Durability is especially important if you live in a:

  • Coastal area
  • Region that experiences snow or freezes
  • Humid climate
  • High wind corridor

Flexible Design

Outdoor furniture made from wicker or wood is often restricted in design by the flexibility of the material. That’s why most people picture a wicker lounger or deck chair the same way. However, eco-friendly materials are usually flexible and customizable, so that you can think outside the box if you please. More options can give your space a unique and fashionable look. However, there are still very many eco-friendly patio furniture options available with a traditional style, such as a classic Adirondack chair by Polywood.

A round outdoor dinner table with four chairs by a pool
A large rectangular teak dinner table

Minimal Impact

Choosing sustainable outdoor furniture over more traditional options essentially means being aware of where the materials come from. If the harvest of a certain resource harms the ecosystem it originates from or the people who live near it, it cannot be considered sustainable. Sustainable eco-friendly patio furniture options are readily available, and we’re proud to offer a variety of eco-friendly patio furniture in an array of materials.


Aluminum is the third most abundant element on earth, so you don’t have to worry about depleting the supply. Although it isn’t commonly associated with furniture, it can be formed into a wide variety of shapes and styles and is well-known to be very weather resistant. Being a lightweight metal, and often cast hollow, making it very easy to rearrange your eco-friendly patio as often as you like. It is sometimes accented with upholstery or teak, to give more depth to the aesthetic.

Recycled Plastic and Polymer

Recycled Plastic and Polymer

You can’t get more eco-friendly than recycled plastic furniture. Don’t worry, your chairs won’t look like a pile of old soda bottles. Although it may sound a bit odd, this is some of the most stylish outdoor furniture available. This eco-friendly furniture option comes in a variety of styles, with endless choices for shade or color. It is famous for being easy to maintain. An American brand, Polywood, uses recycled milk jugs. If you choose to go the route of marine-grade polymer, your patio will have the added bonus of being waterproof.

Two teak chairs


Are you still dead-set on a wood look? There is still a green option for you. Teak is a type of lumber that can be sustainably sourced if you choose the right brand. Kingsley Bate, POVL, Gloster and Barlow Tyrie are a few examples of brands with responsible practices. Teak is ideal for outdoor use because of the naturally occurring oils found in the wood, making it water-resistant and overall a more durable option when exposed to the elements. The timeless, classic style of teak combined with its natural composition makes for a great option for patio furniture.

A large outdoor dinner table with ten chairs

Your Eco-Friendly Patio

Once you know how to tell the difference between what is environmentally-conscious and what isn’t, your everyday decisions can help make a positive impact on the world around you. Now go bask in the sun, comfortably seated on a guilt-free, environmentally-friendly outdoor chair!