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Experience the sheer cooking power of a luxury gas grill. In the past few years, top grill brands like Lynx, Alfresco and Saber have taken gas grill technology to the next level. These changes have resulted in huge benefits such as a wider temperature range, which gives gas grills the ability to reach lower temperatures ideal for smoking and high temperatures perfect for searing. These grilling advancements have also led to more cooking versatility, quicker preheat and more durable construction which has resulted in stronger warranties. If you're having trouble deciding between a gas grill or a charcoal grill, know that gas grills are ideal for the griller on-the-go because of their quick preheats and efficient cooking times. They're also perfect for someone who often hosts backyard BBQs, since the majority of our gas grills have a large cooking area and the ability to accurately heat evenly across the grates. Luxury gas grills are also durably constructed and made to last while also providing the versatile cooking ability to sear, smoke, bake, roast and grill.