Bars, Sinks & Trash Chutes

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Maximize Convenience with Outdoor Kitchen Sinks, Trash Chutes & More

Make your outdoor kitchen as functional as your indoor one with food prep essentials from AuthenTEAK. Shop outdoor sinks and faucets, trash chutes, bars, outdoor sink covers and more to make cooking in your backyard seamless.

It’s easy to forget about the importance of outdoor sinks and faucets or trash bins – but they are all essential to truly enjoying your backyard without having to go back inside for simple tasks. Shop spacious outdoor sinks and faucets to eliminate the hassle of bringing dirty dishes inside. Choose one of our outdoor kitchen bars to make food prep and service a snap. We even have convenient trash chutes - all constructed with stainless steel to remain in great condition outdoors. Top it all off with durable appliance and outdoor sink covers for added protection from the elements. From outdoor sinks and faucets to bartending stations and everything in between, find what you need to complete your outdoor kitchen at AuthenTEAK.