Aspire Built-In Single Side Burner

SKU#: HS-AEB121    ID#: 8013
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Aspire Built-In Single Side Burner

SKU#: HS-AEB121    ID#: 8013
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About this Item


  • Heavy-duty 304 high-polished stainless steel 5/16″ rod grate and body.
  • High-performance 20,000 BTU burner delivers the power and versatility.
  • Electric spark ignition system with re-ignition capability.
  • W=12 in. D=17.6 in. H=14.9 in. Total BTUs: 20,000


Depth17.60 in
Width12.00 in
Height14.90 in
Weight32.00 lbs
Cooking FuelLiquid Propane, Natural Gas 
Country of OriginUSA 
Cutout DimensionsW=11 in. D=13.87 in. H=11.5 in. 
Outdoor Kitchen MaterialStainless Steel 


Keep your outdoor dining area simple with the Hestan Aspire Built-In Single Side Burner. Made with a heavy-gauge body and heavy-duty 304 stainless steel 5/16” rod grate, this all-weather unit is built to last. Operating at 20,000 BTUs, you can light up this grill easily via electric spark ignition. Features include a sealed burner bowl to catch spills, an LED-illuminated control panel, and a stainless-steel cover to protect your burner during down time. Choose your favorite color accent and whether you want gas or propane hookup.

At A Glance

  • Litlight
  • Assembly Requiredassembly required
  • Made In USAMade in USA
  • Natural Gasnatural gas cooking fuel
  • Liquid Propaneliquid propane cooking fuel

Product Protection


Stainless Steel is widely used for catering and residential kitchen equipment because of its strength, its ability to resist corrosion, and its ease of cleaning. Unfortunately, the metal is often taken for granted and it is assumed that no problems will arise during its usage. However, some care is required to ensure a long service life of the grill.

To maintain the original appearance of your Hestan grill, a regular cleaning routine should be carried out using the following guidelines:

1. After use, following the safety precautions detailed earlier in this manual, wipe the grill with a soft, damp, soapy cloth and rinse with clean, warm water. This should remove most substances encountered during the grilling process.
2. For stubborn stains, including burnt-on grease and food-borne deposits, use a multipurpose, non-abrasive, cream cleanser and apply with a soft damp cloth. Rinse with fresh water, as described above. On no account should steel wool pads be used unless they are made of stainless steel.
3. Harsh abrasives and metallic scouring materials should not be used for cleaning stainless steel as they will leave scratch marks in the surface and damage the appearance of the grill. Likewise, do not use wire brushes, scrapers or contaminated scouring pads.
4. For those areas with a directional grain, any cleaning with abrasives should be carried out along this grain direction and not across it.
5. After use, always remove wet cleaning aids (such as cloths, pads, containers) from the surface, to avoid formation of water marks or stains.
6. If required, dry the grill after use with a soft dry cloth or towel.
If the preceding guidelines are adhered to, your Hestan grill should offer excellent life and should live up to its reputation of being “stainless”. Neglect of this practice, however, can lead to deterioration of the surface and, in some extreme cases, corrosion of the steel itself. The two most common types of corrosion that may be encountered, particularly on stainless steel, are rust marks and pitting of the surface.


The easiest way to clean the cooking grates is immediately after cooking is completed and after turning off the flame. Wear a grill mitt to protect your hand from the heat and steam. Dip a brass bristle grill brush in hot soapy water and scrub the hot grill rack. Dip the brush frequently in the bowl of water. The steam created as water contacts the hot grill, assists the cleaning process by softening any food particles. The food particles will fall through the grates and burn. If the grill is allowed to cool before cleaning, then cleaning will be more difficult.