Infrared Patio Heater Buying Guide

Equip your outdoor paradise with the right patio heater in order to spend the maximum amount of time enjoying the outdoors, no matter the weather. Selecting the right patio heater can seem impossible with the overwhelming amount of options offered today, but we’re here to help!

The majority of luxury patio heaters are now equipped with infrared heat. You may have heard this term when shopping for your latest gas grill, and interestingly enough, it’s the same technology! Infrared technology is ideal when it comes to heating because it’s a source of direct radiant heat. Much like the sun, infrared heat warms whatever object it’s pointing directly at, as opposed to convectional heat which heats up the entire space. Infrared heat can be distributed evenly and is ideal for windy conditions, since the heat can’t be blown and moved by the wind. Infrared heat is a great source of warmth when it comes to heating your outdoor space during colder months. Top brands in outdoor heating such as Infratech and Bromic offer an array of infrared patio heaters that come in multiple configurations, such as freestanding and ceiling mount heaters.

First, know what fuel type you intend to use for your patio heater. If you’re using gas, it’s important to know whether you plan to use propane or natural gas. While operating costs vary by region, electric patio heaters are a little more cost efficient than gas, but gas heaters are known for producing an extreme amount of heat in a short time. Bromic and Infratech are both leaders in patio heating, and both brands are proud to offer multiple variations of infrared heaters. Secondly, plan ahead on whether you’re searching for a freestanding patio heater or a built-in heater that could be ceiling mounted. Both types are utilizing the same technology, so they’ll disperse the same amount of heat. It just depends on which configuration is a better fit for your space.

Bromic is a top brand in outdoor heating and is known for their advanced technology and variety of heaters. Depending on your choice of heater and configuration, their patio heaters range anywhere from $500 to $1,700. Bromic heaters are often used in commercial installations, such as restaurants and hotels, because of their sleek appearance and reliable source of infrared heating. From their award-winning Bromic Tungsten Portable Liquid Propane Heater to their Cobalt Smart Heat 6000w Electric Heater, we’re proud to offer Bromic Heating so that you can experience ideal outdoor warmth with top rated patio heaters.

Infratech is another well-known brand in the luxury outdoor heating industry. They’ve maximized the benefits of infrared heat and have successfully demonstrated the benefits of using infrared heat to warm outdoor spaces. Infratech only offers ceiling-mount/built-in heaters, so if you’re looking for a sleek & low-profile patio heater, be sure to check out Infratech’s variety of built-in infrared heaters. Whether you find yourself looking at the SL, W, or WD-Series within Infratech, you’re sure to find a reliable patio heater that will use infrared technology to heat your outdoor space efficiently!

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your outdoor space and are able to enjoy the comfort of the outdoors through the colder months. Explore our variety of patio heaters and experience the warmth and reliability of an infrared outdoor heater.