Lane Venture Elena Square Cocktail Ottoman

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Ships within 4 - 6 weeks


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Lane Venture's WeatherMaster Outdoor Upholstery collection offers stylish comfort and long-lasting durability. WeatherMaster Outdoor Upholstery addresses the current trend in the marketplace that is moving towards more solid shapes and forms that are created with fabric.

Lane Venture's WeatherMaster Outdoor Upholstery Collection is available in over 100 fabric options. Inquire for details.

WeatherMaster Aluminum product is constructed for a lifetime of superior performance. These frames are constructed of cold drawn extruded and cast aluminum, making them 30-40% stronger than typical welded or extruded aluminum frames. In processing, we use fixtures and jigs for uniform components and full circumference welds for maximum strength. Exposed welds are polished to super smoothness. Such measures ensure strong, durable and comfortable frames. These frames are virtually maintenance free; simply clean with mild soap and water.

Cushion Features:
- Fastest Drying Cushion
- Unmatched Resiliency & Cushion Memory
- Drain Through Chamber
- Resistant to Mold and Mildew
- Easier Cleaning

WeatherMaster advances cushion technology by offering the new FIRM option. The cushion features an all fiber core with multiple layers of densified fiber that provide luxurious seating comfort, while at the same time ensuring longevity and consistent performance over the lifetime of your product.

- Avoid harsh abrasive cleaners.
- Frames: Wash with soft cloth, mild soap and water. Rinse well and air dry.
- Fabrics: Spot wash with mild soap and warm water, rinse and air dry, or simply hose down regularly.

Nicks, Scrapes or Hairline Cracks
Touch up with WeatherMaster touch up products available through your WeatherMaster retailer.
- Wash & dry the marred area before touch up procedure, then lightly sand area.
- Best to apply touch-up paint in light layers until desired coverage is achieved rather than one heavy layer.
  • Width: 48"
  • Depth: 48"
  • Height: 20"
  • Weight (lbs.): 74
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Additional Info: Orders ship complete unless otherwise requested. Ordering more than one item may affect shipping method.

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5 Year Limited Warranty
This limited warranty covers all defects in workmanship or materials of WeatherMaster by Lane Venture product for the original owner.

- Frames are warranted for a period of five years.
- Finishes are warranted for a period of three years.
- Fabric and cushions are warranted for a period of two years.
- Composite and stone tops are warranted for a period of two years.
- All warranty coverage begins with the original retail purchase date.

Proper maintenance of your product is required to support the benefits of this warranty. This includes but is not limited to the owner's annual inspection of the frames and touch-up of any minor damage of the product. This warranty is voided in the event that there are indications of abuse or neglect to the furniture.

For service under this warranty contact your Lane Venture Retailer from whom you purchased the product. If the Lane Venture Retailer from whom you purchased the product is no longer in business, you should contact Lane Venture directly at 828-328-2271. When submitting a claim, you will be required to submit the proof of purchase receipt including the date and may be asked for photographs of the product to submit to Lane Venture.

Lane Venture will review your warranty claim and determine the most appropriate corrective action. A Lane Venture Representative may visit to inspect the product as part of the review process. Lane Venture will repair or replace any part of the product or the entire product at Lane Venture's sole discretion if it is determined that the product is defective in material or workmanship.

Provided you submit your warranty claim in accordance with the terms of this warranty, repair or replacement of the product (other than freight as described below) will be at no charge to you. In the event that you do not submit your claim in accordance with this warranty, including submitting the claim through the Lane Venture Retailer from whom you purchased the product, you will be charged a 10% service charge based on the purchase price of the covered product.

If Lane Venture determines in its sole discretion that the product needs to be returned to Lane Venture for repair or replacement of a product part, then you shall return such product to the Lane Venture Retailer from which you purchased the product and you shall bear all of the cost of such freight. Lane Venture will bear the cost of all other freight charges.

This warranty applies only to residential use of the WeatherMaster by Lane Venture products.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Fabric Swatch Request

Click to select the desired swatches. Once you have made your selection, click the green button below and proceed through check-out. You will not be charged. Five swatches per order. To request more, please call our showroom at 1-866-350-8325.

  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Aqua
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Ash
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Barley
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Charcoal
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Cilantro
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Cinnamon
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Citrus
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Cornflower
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Cornsilk
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Denim
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Fog
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Fossil
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Granite
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Horizon
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Indigo
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Ivory
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Java
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Jute
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Lagoon
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Mist
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Papyrus
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Pebble
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Pistachio
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Putty
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Sangria
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Shale
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Slate
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Soot
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Stone
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Tobacco
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Vapor
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper Wave
  • Grade A Sunbrella Vesper White
  • Grade A Sunbrella Scene Bermuda
  • Grade A Sunbrella Scene Cilantro
  • Grade A Sunbrella Scene Ivory
  • Grade A Sunbrella Scene Navy
  • Grade B Sunbrella Atlas Smoke (+$105.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Hollis Cilantro (+$105.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Hollis Navy (+$105.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Impact Mist (+$105.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Impact Rose (+$105.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Jamestown Coastal (+$105.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Jamestown Lagoon (+$105.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Morph Clay (+$105.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Morph Lunar (+$105.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Morph Parchment (+$105.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Morph Pebble (+$105.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Morph Soot (+$105.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Morph Stone (+$105.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Morph Stucco (+$105.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Parker Magma (+$105.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Rhodes Pebble (+$105.00)
  • Grade B Outdura Rumor Stone (+$105.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Runaway Dove (+$105.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Visions Indigo (+$105.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Visions Stone (+$105.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Zipper Denim (+$105.00)
  • Grade C Outdura Avila Almond (+$315.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Axel Smoke (+$315.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Bevel Indigo (+$315.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Curio Fog (+$315.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Haiku Cherry (+$315.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Mexicali Ombre Seaspray (+$315.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Indonesian Ikat Espresso (+$525.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Indonesian Ikat Fireside Red (+$525.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Quatrefoil Mist (+$525.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Quatrefoil Pebble (+$525.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Watercolor Stems Indigo (+$525.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Watercolor Stems Mist (+$525.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Watercolor Stems Pesto (+$525.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Zebra Linen Charcoal (+$525.00)
  • Grade E Brisa Distressed Lasso (+$735.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Cottingham Redwood (+$735.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Dragonfly Twirl Chocolate (+$735.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Dragonfly Twirl Linen (+$735.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Owen Seaglass (+$735.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Zeal Pewter (+$735.00)

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