Lynx Grills Professional 30" Built In/Countertop Napoli Pizza Oven

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$4,539.00 $4,989.00

Ships within 1 - 2 week

Ships within 1 - 2 week

$4,539.00 $4,989.00
$4,539.00 $4,989.00

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Achieve Napoli pizza results at home with the Lynx 30" Pizza Oven for built-in or countertop use. With 400-square-inch of cooking surface this pizza oven features a solid stainless steel frame and is available as a liquid-propane powered unit or a natural-gas unit. The large cooking surface lets you cook even the biggest pies quickly with a pull-out design and removable front door to allow safe removal of the food. The unit heats up quickly to a maximum temperature of 700°F and uses specially-formulated concrete on the cook surface and refractory dome to ensure the pizza cooks quickly and evenly. The control knobs are backed by blue LED lights for nighttime use. 12.25" x 20" pizza peel is also included.

In order to maintain this attractive appearance over the life of the oven it is important to take the following steps:

After each use wipe down the exterior of the oven to remove grease and splatters.

Be sure to follow the cleaning instructions for keeping the cooking surface clean and ready for use.

Use a commercially available Stainless Steel cleaner to clean and polish the exterior surfaces. Doing these things on a regular basis minimizes the amount of effort required. Part of the appeal of your Lynx oven is the fine grain finish.

When removing stubborn stains:

Do not use metallic abrasives and always rub in the direction of the grain.

Some household cleaning products are not suitable for stainless steel; be sure to read the label before using on your Lynx oven.

Always use the mildest cleaning solution first, scrubbing in the direction of the grain. Specks of grease may gather in the grain of the stainless steel and bake on to the surface, giving the appearance of rust. To remove these baked-on foods use a fine to medium grit non-metallic abrasive pad (Scotch Brite is good) in conjunction with a stainless steel cleaner.

Solutions used for cleaning concrete and masonry can be very corrosive and will 'attack' stainless steel. Ensure your Lynx products are well protected before you allow the use of such chemicals near your oven.


The 304 stainless steel material used in the construction of a Lynx oven is highly rust resistant, however, chlorine in the air from swimming pools or the salt from sea air may cause surface rust to appear and even create some pitting if left on the product.

Here are a few tips to avoid this:

Regularly wipe down the exterior surfaces with a damp cloth. (Micro fiber cloths such as Ecloth perform very well).

Allow the surfaces to dry before installing the cover. Do not cover a damp oven.

In extreme environments apply a rust inhibitor which leaves a microscopic protective layer on the oven. Products that provide a layer of vapor corrosion inhibitors (VpCI) protect the surface very well.

For seasonal storage use the product referred to above, ensure the oven is dry and then cover and secure the cover to minimize the amount of damp air getting to the surfaces.
  • Cooking Surface: 400 sq. in.
  • Width: 30"
  • Depth: 28.25"
  • Height: 29"
  • Weight (lbs.): 254
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The stainless steel body and the burners are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship when subjected to normal domestic use and service for the life of the original purchaser. This warranty excludes surface corrosion, scratches, and discoloration which may occur during normal use.

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