Fireglass & Lava Rocks

Enhance Fire Pits with Fireglass & Lava Rocks

Proper accessories and maintenance are crucial to ensuring your fire pit lasts season after season. Add a layer of colorful and functional protection with fire glass and lava rocks. AuthenTEAK carries a wide variety of safe, durable and stylish selection of fire glass and lava rocks for fire pits.

It’s easy to mistake fire glass and lava rocks for mere decoration. But these elements offer more than just a touch of color!  Fire glass is made up of small bits of tempered glass than add aesthetic flair while increasing radiating heat.  Lava rocks, meanwhile, are pebble-sized pieces of stone that also lend style while protecting fire components from the elements. Shop lightweight lava rocks for a natural look, or choose from a wide range of fire pit glass in clear, green, gray, blue and more. Both are made from premium quality materials by industry leaders like American Fireglass and Athena. Can't decide between fire glass and lava rocks for your fire pit? Choose both! You can mix lava rock and glass in a fire pit to gain the benefits and eye-catching appeal of both. Order your fire glass and lava rocks today to enhance your fire pit or fire table.