Wall Mount Patio Heaters

Save Space with Wall-Mounted Outdoor Heaters

When heating your space without losing space is your priority, AuthenTEAK is your top choice. We offer a wide selection of wall-mounted outdoor heaters that provide toasty warmth with compact dimensions. Perfect for individuals looking to add warmth to their outdoor living spaces without taking up too much real estate, wall mount patio heaters create a comfortable environment, allowing patio season to extend beyond summer months. Our selection of wall-mounted outdoor heaters includes gas, propane and electric models that are corrosion-resistant and constructed with durable materials. Adjustable mounts allow for targeted, customized heat flow, and remote-control options provide the ultimate convenience for tailoring your heating preferences. Browse our collection of wall-mounted outdoor heaters to create a toasty entertainment area you’ll enjoy year-round.

Perfect for both residential and commercial purposes, our wall-mounted patio heaters are available in a range of sizes and wattages to accommodate your needs. Choose from mid-sized models for a smaller space up to extra large wall-mounted outdoor heaters to heat the most expansive patios. Constructed from stainless steel, our wall mount patio heaters are made to perform in outdoor environments and withstand the effects of the elements. Shop our collection of wall-mounted outdoor heaters to enhance your outdoor living atmosphere.