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NG Outdoor Patio Heater - Stainless Steel

SKU#: NPC05-SPP    ID#: 3595
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WarrantyCovered by the Patio Comfort warranty.

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About this Item


  • Includes a natural gas regulator
  • Provides clean draft free circle of radiant heat
  • Includes 12 ft. hose, two brass quick couplers, and brass safety shut off valve.
  • Auto-off tilt protection


Height93.00 in
Weight60.00 lbs
Diameter34.00 in
Hidden TankNo 
Heating FuelNatural Gas 
Heater MaterialStainless Steel 
Heat Coverage Area51 - 100 sq. ft. 


Patio Comfort's portable Natural Gas (NG) Patio Heater in Stainless Steel is up to the minute in design and technology. It is powered with 41,500 BTUs and broadcasts radiant heat over a 10 to 15 foot diameter area keeping you and your family warm on even the coolest nights. Natural gas burns cleanly and is a constant fuel supply so you never have to change a propane tank or run out of fuel. All parts are stainless steel, solid brass and anodized aluminum which weather well and create a handsome profile on your patio. The unit comes with a natural gas regulator as well as a complete hook-up kit including a 12' vinyl wrapped hose, two quick couplers and shut off valve.

Special Features

  • Provides clean draft free circle of radiant heat
  • Convenient piezoelectric "matchless" ignition system
  • Solid brass gas valve with 100% safety shut off control
  • Commercial Warranty - 120 limited warranty
  • Hook up kit included natural gas pressure regulator
  • All 403 series stainless steel burner and emitter grid
  • Gas train and hose set are pre-assembled
  • All fasteners are 304 series stainless steel
  • Reflector is one piece anodized aluminum
  • All steel components are polyurethane powder coated
  • UL Listed - USA and Canada under CSA 5.90
  • 34 inch one-piece anodized aluminum reflector
  • Up to a 10-15 foot radiant circle of heat
  • Oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) that will shut the unit off if there is inadequate oxygen in the area
  • Auto-off tilt protection that will shut the patio heater off if it is tilted over 30 degrees
  • Safety pilot system to stop the flow of gas if the burner goes out

For assembly instructions, care, use and safety information please download the NPC05 Manual. We also provide additional details on the in-ground installation through the NPC05 Installation Guide.

At A Glance

  • Warrantywarranty
  • Assembly Requiredassembly required
  • Natural Gasnatural gas heating fuel

Product Protection

Your heater has been produced from highly weather resistant materials and only requires minimum cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning must be performed when the heater is cold. Your patio heater will last longer if it is cleaned and maintained properly. It is very important that the air required for the combustion process is not blocked going to the burner. Orifices, burner venturis, vents, and other openings must be kept free of dirt and spider webs.

Stainless steel does not "rust," however varying atmospheric conditions; areas with acid rain, beach and ocean areas with heavy misty conditions may leave brown deposits on the heater. This is to be expected of any stainless steel product used outdoors.

We recommend washing the outer stainless steel components such as the post and decorative cover and perforated material around the lighting instructions with a mild detergent solution and immediately wiping it clean with a dry soft cloth. The stainless steel can be expected to darken and discolor around the heater head and pan as it sustains extreme temperatures. This is normal and to be expected with any outdoor gas heating or cooking appliance.

Never use a cleaning agent that is flammable or corrosive. Never spray any cleaning product on the emitter grid or burner area. If you purchased a powder-coated model, treat it just like you would any other piece of fine outdoor patio furniture. Wash all painted parts of the heater with a soapy solution and protect it with a coat of automobile car wax a couple of times per year or as required dependent upon your local weather and climate conditions.

If you need to touch up a painted heater only paint the post and base portions. Never paint the emitter grid, lighting instructions, valve or control knob area, or the LP cylinder.

The burner ports must also be kept clear so that the burner burns evenly and the flow of gas is not restricted. If the heater is not performing adequately it will be necessary to check the burner and burner venturi. In a salt air or ocean environment, corrosion and rust occurs at a far greater rate than in non-ocean areas. You will need to more frequently check for corrosion and replace parts as required.

The best protection for the critical heater head is a Patio Comfort cover that has been specifically designed for your heater. A stainless steel protective cleaner such as PGS Stainless Steel Cleaner will help protect the finish of all stainless steel components.