Box Planters

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Box Planters Add Modern Patio Sophistication

Box planters provide patios with an aesthetic that is both modern and timeless. Perfect for both residential and commercial settings, our box planters are offered in ribbed, smooth, rustic and glossy finishes. Constructed from durable materials like lightweight fiberglass, Cor-Ten steel and teak, our box planters are made to perform in outdoor environments without compromising design. Available in a variety of sizes, they are suitable for both small balconies and large decks alike. Browse box planters from trusted brands like Capi, Capital Garden and Pottery Pots to add the perfect addition to your patio. 

Whether you are looking for a wood, rustic or contemporary planter, our selection of box planters features an eclectic assortment of models with varying aesthetics. Frost-proof and non-corrosive, our box planters provide the perfect home for all kinds of plants while enhancing a patio’s ambience. Features like insulated inner layers for plant protection and optional drainage holes make our box planters functional pieces for patio decorating. Low-maintenance and sophisticated, box planters provide an easy way for elevating the atmosphere of your favorite outdoor living spaces.