Premium Teak Outdoor Furniture Made to Last

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Outdoor Living at its Finest: Why Premium Teak Outdoor Furniture is Worth the Cost

Whether you’re looking for a place to relax in the evenings or updating your outdoor décor for better entertaining, using premium teak outdoor furniture is the perfect choice for enhancing your home’s exterior. From its long-lasting durability to its warm and timeless charm, teak outdoor furniture can be an elegant addition to outdoor living. However, not all teak is created equal. Here are a few reasons why investing in premium teak patio furniture is well worth the cost.

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What’s the Big Deal About Teak Anyways?

As one of the most timeless and versatile materials for patio furniture, the use of teak outdoor furniture has grown to be a status symbol of luxury. This expensive hardwood has a well-earned reputation of durability and resistance to climate damage, making this material perfect for use in shipbuilding and outdoor furniture. From poolside chaise loungers and outdoor dining sets to Adirondack chairs and patio umbrellas, well-maintained teak patio furniture adds to the charm of an outdoor space while also enduring year-round exposure to the elements with little protection necessary.

The hardy nature and easy maintenance of premium teak outdoor furniture make it a perfect material for your outdoor furnishings. As a hardwood, it will not break down under long-term sun exposure like plastic materials, and it also does not rust or break easily like metal. Its naturally occurring weatherproof and insect-resistant oils also make it stand out from other hardwoods as a superior product for outdoor use.

Why Use Premium Teak Outdoor Furniture?

For the best long-term investment in your teak patio furniture, premium-grade teak is essential. Premium or Grade-A teak is sourced from the central heartwood of teak trees grown in the tropical climates of Southeast Asia. The natural teak oil that makes this hardwood so famously resistant to damage from water and insects is most concentrated in the center of the tree, meaning that this grade of material is most likely to retain its weatherproof qualities without the aid of additional artificial protection.

Because teak is such an expensive hardwood to source, some manufacturers settle for Grade-C teak that is painted or stained to seem like the real thing. While this lesser-grade teak may be beautiful on first purchase, it is only premium teak outdoor furniture that retains the purest damage resistant properties that give teak its reputation for enduring beauty. By purchasing teak outdoor furniture made from only premium grade teak, the natural beauty and quality of your product can last a lifetime.

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How to Choose Your Teak Patio Furniture

With a dedication to heirloom-quality and sustainably sourced materials as a basis for premium teak outdoor furniture, Authenteak is uniquely qualified to supply high-end brands of premium teak furnishings such as Kingsley Bate, POVL Outdoor, Barlow Tyrie, and Gloster. As some of the most well-known names in patio furniture, you can trust that your new premium-quality teak outdoor furniture is a product of sustainably sourced master craftsmanship.

One of the best aesthetic qualities of teak is its versatility in blending with any design style. Once you’ve found the teak furniture perfect for your outdoor living space, you’ll be able to enhance the natural beauty of the hardwood with any palette of colors and accessories, meaning your patio will be able to follow any trend you please. With the flexibility and timelessness of premium teak, your outdoor paradise will never fall out of style.

Reclaim Your Outdoor Oasis

When you’re ready to invest in the timelessness of premium teak outdoor furniture, this is an investment you won’t regret. As teak continues to gain popularity and reputation as an elegant addition to patios and decks, you can find a myriad of ways to use premium teak in your outdoor décor. As a dealer of sustainably sourced premium teak patio furniture, Authenteak can help you reclaim your patio or backyard, bringing your dreams of an outdoor oasis to life.

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