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Track 9' White Outdoor Shuffleboard

ID#: 30631   SKU: RS-TRACK9-1N
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    RS Barcelona


    • White frame with a grey inner lining
    • Recommended for a covered outdoor space
    • Able to handle instense use
    • Ideal for homes, offices, and hospitality spaces


    In play, as in life, you have to be bold, challenging the established limits without going beyond them, launching off with just the right amount of power to reach the edge without going over it, having that spine-tingling feeling of risk without losing… This is exactly what the RS Barcelona Track 9' White Outdoor Shuffleboard table is like. Track dares to break the conventions of the classic shuffleboard game, with its design of sleek lines and firm, imposing beauty. It dares to innovate by making tough steel the undisputed star of the pitch. Track gives you a challenge in the distance, with only the path separating you and your desire to win. The precision of your shot connects the departure point and destination: to play. Includes 8 pucks and 1 lbs. (450g) of shuffleboard powder. Designed for covered outdoor spaces.


    • Structure: Steel with cataphoretic coating process and micro textured powder coated polyester paint
    • Playing field: Steel with cataphoretic coating process and bicomponent epoxy resin
    • Legs: FSC/PEFC certificated iroko wood
    • Inner lining: Textel Echo 9 100% PET (60% recycled)

    Product Protection

    This product has been made with resistant materials of the highest quality. With correct care and maintenance, you will be able to enjoy it for many years. However, dirt or other contaminants and base use could damage it.


    For the optimal conservation of pieces manufacture in steel, especially if they are exposed to the elements, periodic maintenance is advised.

    For Maximum corrosion resistance, steel surfaces must always be kept clean. This maintenance must be tailored to the conditions to which your product is exposed (dust, dirt, humidity in combination with heat, salty, or potentially corrosive environments). This can vary from one to four times a month, in normal settings, or up to once a day in cases of unhygienic or very rough conditions.

    You must be the one who adjusts and evaluates the periodicity of the maintenance according to how well the material reacts, increasing or reducing it depending on what is necessary for proper product care. In any case, RS Barcelona recommends cleaning it at least once a week, as a starting point.

    Therefore, it's important to keep the product clean. Please follow these simple instructions to keep the product in good condition:

    • For cleaning both steel and stainless steel, use only a cloth dipped in warm water and mild soap. Never use abrasive soaps or detergents, as they can leave scratches and produce discoloration.
    • Rub gently with a damp cloth. Rinse and wring the cloth frequently, to keep it moist. Make sure to rinse well and dry with another cloth.
    • If the surface is glossy, you must wash it along the grain, to avoid scratching the surface. On polished surfaces, you must previously remove dust to avoid scratching the surface.
    • In the event of a spill, clean the stain as quickly as possible.
    • If you are unable to remove the stains with a damp cloth, apply a metal cleaner to the surface with a cloth. Read the instructions for the cleaner carefully, and test it first on an inconspicuous spot. Make sure to rinse well and dry with another cloth.

    When the product is extremely dirty, with stains, incrustations, or signs of surface discoloration due to long periods of neglect, or poor maintenance, RS Barcelona recommends contacting professionals to restore the surface's initial appearance.


    As a natural material, iroko can vary in color, or even crack due to humidity and sudden temperature changes. Exposed to the elements, iroko undergoes a natural oxidation process that affects its color, taking on an attractive silver-grey tone.

    Iroko pieces should be treated with a waterproof sealer to protect them from moisture and stains (provided they are cleaned immediately). However, this sealant naturally vanishes over time.

    We recommend treating the wood with sealant every three months, or more frequently at dining and hospitality establishments. To restore iroko’s original appearance, sand the entire surface and apply the sealant, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

    Never use soaps or abrasive detergents, or furniture cleaning products containing wax, as these types of products form a sticky layer on the surface that attracts dirt.


    To enjoy your upholstery textile for a long time, cherish it and use it properly. Keep your textile as clean as possible. Make sure it is cleaned regularly using a vacuum cleaner set to medium to low power and clean with a brush or dry cloth. Do not clean with any type of liquid, not even water, as it may lose the color of the dye.

    If the product is used outdoors, keep it clean and in good condition, following these instructions more frequently. When the product is kept outdoors and is not used for prolonged events, RS Barcelona recommends you use the protective cover.

    At A Glance

    • warranty
    • full shade
    • sustainable
    • Recyclable
    • UV Resistant
    • Made in Spain
    • moderate assembly
    • Accessories Included


    108.00 in
    31.80 in
    33.00 in
    298.00 lbs


    Structure Material
    Coated Steel, Textured Polyester Paint 
    Top/Field Material
    Textel Echo 9 100% PET 
    Bottom/Leg Material
    FSC/PEFC Certificated Iroko Wood 
    Number of Players
    2 - 4 players 
    Country of Origin
    Full Shade (Covered Porch) 
    Accessories Included
    Puck set, shuffleboard powder 
    Assembly Required
    Level of Assembly
    Moderate Assembly 

    Why Choose RS Barcelona?

    RS Barcelona began in 1975 in a small sheet metal workshop, when Rafael Rodríguez Castillo created his own business. Over time, his workshop evolved into an industrial building just outside Barcelona, and his two sons, Rafael and Sergio, joined the business. Today, RS Barcelona’s indoor-outdoor ping pong tables, foosball tables, pool tables, benches, and accessories combine the precision of industrial manufacturing with innovative designs and superior functionality.

    “We aim for them to speak the language of design, dialogue with the other furniture, and seduce in any environment,” says RS Barcelona CEO Rafael Rodríguez about the company’s unique gaming tables. “Our goal is to take the game tables out of the garage and move them into the spaces where we do our living.”

    Made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, RS Barcelona’s indoor-outdoor gaming tables are as at home outdoors as they are indoors. With a mission of “intense living,” RS Barcelona seeks to create products that serve as experiences rather than just designer items.

    “Our facilities in Spain combine the best of the past and present,” says Rodríguez. “We select top-quality materials and finishes, using different manufacturing techniques in order to obtain a specific item. Our team works together with our suppliers and local partners, and by carefully supervising every process, we guarantee the quality of our products, ensuring that each item is perfect and reaches you ready to be enjoyed.”

    AuthenTEAK proudly offers free shipping on RS Barcelona game tables, furniture, and accessories, with White Glove Delivery available. Our experienced team of experts is also available for free consultations to answer any design questions—from product information to spatial planning. AuthenTEAK’s award-winning showroom is located in Atlanta.



    For two years from purchase date, RS Barcelona warrants that its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and the conditions for which it was designed and the product is used for its intended purpose. The warranty is nontransferrable, and is applicable to the original purchaser only. The warranty will be valid only if proper maintenance and cleaning have been carried out in accordance with RS Barcelona’s care and maintenance instructions.

    This warranty does not apply to faults or imperfections resulting from passage of time or normal wear and tear. Scratches, natural variations in wood grain and colour are characteristic of this natural material and are not included in this warranty. Discoloration or fading of surface materials and colours due to stains, ultraviolet light, harsh cleaners, etc. are not included in this warranty. Scratches or tears that may occur on the furniture fabric or pool table cloth due to use are specifically excluded from this warranty.

    Products which do not conform to the description or which are defective in material or manufacturing will be replaced, repaired or, at rs barcelona’s choice, credited for their original purchase price. rs barcelona must be notified of such defect with graphic evidence and description.

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