303 Products


The right products go a long way towards making your outdoor furniture last. At AuthenTEAK, we offer 303 cleaning products because we know they're the best of the best for outdoor fabrics. This selection of 303 products is a must for anyone investing in high-quality outdoor furniture. With 303 Products fabric guard and furniture protectant, you can provide an effective barrier against spills, harsh weather conditions and dirt. When accidents happen, use 303 Products fabric cleaner and furniture cleaner to remove tough stains like oil, grease, ink and pet stains from your outdoor upholstery. They can even get out stains from coffee or wine.

AuthenTEAK recommends stocking up on 303 Products for all your outdoor furniture and fabrics. These exceptional cleaners and protectants are a great way to make our selection of durable, high-quality outdoor furniture look great for years to come. For more information on outdoor furniture maintenance, visit our furniture care guide.