European brand Capi has been designing stylish planters since 1997. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, Capi planters are as durable as they are sleek. And despite a sturdy design, they’re also incredibly lightweight.

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Sustainability in action

Fighting deforestation

Capi Europe participates in the COMACO Landscape Management Project, which promotes sustainable agriculture and forest conservation in Zambia, aiming to reduce uncontrolled deforestation and increase the net forest cover.

Climate conscious

Part of the production process for Capi planters is completely CO2-neutral, and Capi planters in the Made in Holland collection are produced in a 100% climate-neutral process. These pieces also boast the CO2 Neutral® label, which ensures that they actively assess, reduce and offset their local and global climate impact.

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Designed with sleek styles and durability in mind, Capi outdoor plant pots are as practical as they are beautiful. What’s more, Capi planters are made with an environmentally conscious production process. Capi outdoor plant pots in the Made in Holland collection—recognizable by their orange interior—are produced in a 100% climate-neutral process. Capi planters are also highly sustainable and have a long lifespan: every Capi outdoor plant pot comes with a ten-year guarantee.