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Maximize outdoor cooking with Kamado Joe grills & grill accessories. Kamado Joe ceramic grills are traditionally designed egg-shaped grills that are fueled with charcoal and guaranteed to infuse your food with unparalleled smoky flavor. The grills are constructed using high quality ceramic that traps in smoke and allows for maximum heat retention. The egg shape of a kamado grill allows for the smoke to rise to the top of the kamado, circulate along the grill’s curved lid, and infuse smoky charcoal flavor back into the food. While ceramic kamado grills are simplistic in their design, they’re very versatile in their cooking abilities. Ceramic is a great material for temperature control and heat retention, allowing Kamado Joe grills to have the ability to smoke, bake, roast, sear and grill. Kamado Joe offers a variety of grilling accessories such as an electric charcoal fire starter to help simplify kamado cooking and ceramic heat deflector plates to allow for multiple temperatures across the cooking grates. Enjoy time outdoors like never before and become a BBQ master with Kamado Joe.