An outdoor cabinet with two wine coolers and open shelving.


save up to $600 on all indoor and outdoor Perlick appliances through September 30th

Complete your outdoor kitchen with state-of-the-art, professional-grade serving and cooling stations, which cool drinks two times faster and maintain temperature 70% better than other brands. Offer ends September 30th 2021. Rebate form must be received by October 31st 2021.


Family owned since 1917, Perlick Corporation is an industry-leader in creating innovative, high-quality and customizable food and beverage storage and serving solutions. Perlick appliances are suitable for both residential and commercial purposes. Their commercial line includes custom bar and beverage refrigeration appliances along with innovative under bar items and beverage dispensing equipment. Perlick’s residential products include effective undercounter refrigeration devices and accessories. All Perlick appliances optimize energy and offer unparalleled durability to ensure customers maximize their investment. Any of Perlick’s award-winning undercounter refrigerators, freezers or beer dispensers will enhance the functionality of your outdoor space.