Primo Ceramic Grills


Proudly made in the U.S., Primo Ceramic Grills are the perfect addition to any outdoor space. While ceramic grills are primarily known for being excellent BBQ smokers, Primo grills go the extra mile to make sure their kamado grills are versatile and capable of excelling in more than just smoking. Primo ceramic grills are great for baking, roasting, smoking, searing and grilling because of their extreme heat retention, versatile grill accessories and unique design. Primo grills’ unique oval shape truly makes them one-of-a-kind, as they’re the only oval shaped grill in the BBQ industry. The shape of a Primo grill alone makes for a much more versatile grilling experience, since you’re able to grill things that wouldn’t fit on a round kamado, such as a full rack of ribs or a whole turkey. The oval design also gives the grill a larger cooking surface in general, allowing you to take full advantage of the space. Ceramic kamado grills are notorious for giving food unparalleled flavor because of their extreme heat retention and traditional design. Primo grills are constructed of high quality ceramic that excels in heat retention because of the air-tight condition of ceramic material. The egg shape of a kamado ceramic grill allows the smoke to rise from the burning charcoal at the bottom of the fire box, flow underneath the curved lid and then circulate into the food, infusing it with smoky charcoal flavor. Kamado grills are excellent BBQ smokers and Primo ceramic grills are sure to maximize your outdoor cooking experience. Primo Ceramic Grills are backed by an impressive 20-year warranty.