Extend your outdoor entertaining season with a reliable Sunglo outdoor patio heater. The gas heaters work like the sun by warning people and objects through the use of radiant heat. Radiant heat patio heaters are quiet, efficient and very affordable. The stylish design of Sunglo Patio Heaters makes them ideal for use in either residential or commercial settings. While stylish, they are also very practical as they're able to efficiently heat up an outdoor space, as the heat is produced by the burners and then distributed by the dish reflector at the top of the unit..

Sunglo has been in business for over 30 years and is constantly improving their outdoor heaters to help people enjoy outdoor spaces well into the fall and early winter.

Sunglo Patio Heaters are available in natural gas or liquid propane models and in a variety of finishes. The freestanding heaters may be used on patios, decks and other flat surfaces near seating areas and gathering spaces. Be sure to explore our variety of luxury outdoor patio heaters in order to enjoy your outdoor space no matter the weather.