Two black umbrellas in a restaurant patio.

Extend your outdoor entertaining season with one of Sunglo’s outdoor heaters. Using advanced heat distribution technology, Sunglo’s patio heaters efficiently and effectively warm outdoor areas of all sizes. Whether you are looking to heat your backyard or commercial terrace, Sunglo’s collection of durable stainless steel heaters offer the perfect heating solution for every outdoor space. All of Sunglo’s outdoor heaters feature a modern, sleek design that will enhance the aesthetic of any patio. Available in black and silver finishes, their heaters are suitable for a variety of decorative preferences.




An outdoor sitting area with a sofa with blue cushions and some metal wire chairs with patio heaters hanging from the ceiling beams.

How to Buy a Patio Heater for Your Space

If your home has a fabulous outdoor space, you probably hate going inside. After all, few things are better than lounging on a patio and reading a book on a warm summer evening. Whether you use your outdoor space as your personal sanctuary or to entertain family and friends, you likely keep your eye on the calendar.
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Shop Sunglo Outdoor Heaters for Year-Round Warmth

Sunglo has been in business for over 30 years and is constantly improving its outdoor heaters to help people enjoy outdoor spaces well into the fall and early winter. Proudly made in the USA, Sunglo outdoor heaters are available in natural gas or liquid propane models and are offered in a variety of finishes. The freestanding heaters may be used on patios, decks, and other flat surfaces near outdoor seating areas and gathering spaces. Be sure to explore our collection of Sunglo’s outdoor heaters to enjoy your outdoor space year-round.