Meet luxury brand POVL Outdoor furniture, exclusively available at AuthenTEAK

Various daybeds in front of a pool.


POVL Outdoor furniture combines luxury furniture with tried-and-true materials and techniques. Here’s what you need to know about POVL Outdoor—which is exclusively available through AuthenTEAK—according to AuthenTEAK CEO Eric Brenner.

  • • High-quality materials and manufacturing techniques are at the forefront of POVL Outdoor furniture.
  • • Influenced by European furniture styles and classic lines, POVL Outdoor furniture is “a blend of the timeless classics and progressive designs and styles,” says Brenner.
  • • POVL Outdoor’s product selection is curated specifically based on AuthenTEAK customers’ tastes.

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Exclusively sold at AuthenTEAK., POVL (pronounced “Paul”) Outdoor furniture offers a curated selection of high-quality outdoor furniture in enduring, easy-to-design-with styles. Here, AuthenTEAK CEO Eric Brenner shares the unique sense of quality, style, and tailored assortment behind POVL's Outdoor furniture, which includes everything from outdoor lounge and dining sets to accessories like lamps and lanterns.

Two chaise loungers.


One of the key pillars behind POVL Outdoor furniture and furnishings is quality—from high-grade materials to top-notch manufacturing techniques. “POVL is crafted based on quality, design, and style, using innovative materials and timeless techniques that are indicative of durable, high-quality furniture,” says Brenner.

The key, Brenner says, is precision. “Outdoor furniture needs to be made to exact measurements,” he says. Teak furniture, for instance, must be made with a specific moisture content of 8-12%. “If they don’t dry it enough, the wood will expand and contract as it gets warmer or cooler,” says Brenner. “But if it’s too dry the wood will start to crack.” This attention to detail and quality gives luxury outdoor furniture that withstands even the harshest of elements—and the test of time.

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When it comes to materials, POVL Outdoor furniture balances innovation with tested-and-true classics. Expect weather-resistant materials like premium-grade, sustainable teak wood; powder-coated aluminum; 304-grade stainless steel; all-weather wicker; and acrylic rope, all of which make POVL Outdoor furniture resistant to fading, mold, and damage. “We’re always trying to find new materials while keeping with the timeless classics,” notes Brenner.

Various daybeds in front of a pool.


Influenced by European furniture styles and classic lines, POVL Outdoor furniture is “a blend of the timeless classics and progressive designs and styles,” says Brenner. Think enduring, easy-to-design with silhouettes alongside of-the-moment colors and materials. “We go to Europe to see the trends, and we’ll use that to curate our styles materials,” Brenner says.

Two chaise loungers and two chairs on a patio.


The heart behind POVL Outdoor furniture is AuthenTEAK’s customers, and the brand’s selection of furnishings is curated and updated specifically based on their tastes, preferences, and feedback. “Some things we’ve tried didn’t connect with our customers, so we didn't bring it back,” says Brenner. “We listen to our customers and learn what resonates with them.”

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Trending now in POVL Outdoor furniture: the Calera and Menlo collections, both of which feature classic design sensibilities and high-quality, weather-resistant materials. Easy to design with, these pieces are as durable as they are stylish, combining classic design schemes with a fresh perspective. Exclusively available at AuthenTEAK, all POVL Outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the outdoors—in style.

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