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The Story of RS Barcelona’s unique gaming tables

The Story of RS Barcelona’s unique gaming tables

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By: Claire Ruhlin

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RS Barcelona began in 1975 in a small sheet metal workshop, when Rafael Rodríguez Castillo created his own business. Over time, his workshop evolved into an industrial building just outside Barcelona, and his two sons, Rafael and Sergio, joined the business. Today, RS Barcelona’s indoor-outdoor ping pong tablesfoosball tablespool tablesbenches, and accessories combine the precision of industrial manufacturing with innovative designs and superior functionality.

“We aim for them to speak the language of design, dialogue with the other furniture, and seduce in any environment,” says RS Barcelona CEO Rafael Rodríguez about the company’s unique gaming tables. “Our goal is to take the game tables out of the garage and move them into the spaces where we do our living.”

Made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, RS Barcelona’s indoor-outdoor gaming tables are as at home outdoors as they are indoors. With a mission of “intense living,” RS Barcelona seeks to create products that serve as experiences rather than just designer items.

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“Our facilities in Spain combine the best of the past and present,” says Rodríguez. “We select top-quality materials and finishes, using different manufacturing techniques in order to obtain a specific item. Our team works together with our suppliers and local partners, and by carefully supervising every process, we guarantee the quality of our products, ensuring that each item is perfect and reaches you ready to be enjoyed.”

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What role do materials play in RS Barcelonas products?

“Not only must we choose the best quality, the most hard-wearing, and the most long-lasting materials, but also we must have full knowledge of their source in order to ensure that they can be transformed and reused—and that they do not contain environmentally harmful chemical components,” says María Carrasco, Marketing Manager for RS Barcelona. “We meet this challenge in order to be able to guarantee that RS Barcelona’s products are manufactured using future-friendly materials that have no harmful effects on human health or on the environment at any point of their life cycle.”

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How does RS Barcelona incorporate sustainability into its products and company?

“As far as RS Barcelona is concerned, sustainability is much more than a fashionable word or an obligation; it’s a philosophy, an approach to creation, design, and manufacturing,” says Rodríguez. “The durability of a product is the essence of sustainability. That is our commitment to the planet and society: to manufacture top-quality, hard-wearing items through environmentally friendly production processes.” RS Barcelona products are also designed with versatility in mind “in terms of both use and function so that you can adapt them to the changes in your life.”

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RS Barcelona Ping Pong Tables

True to RS Barcelona’s mission of versatility and functionality, its indoor-outdoor ping pong tables (which come with two paddles and six ping pong balls and are available in black or in white) serve multiple purposes. When not in use, all the sporting elements (the polyester net, the paddles, and the balls) may be stowed away, and the tables may be used as a large dining table, an office desk, or a conference table. RS Barcelona’s indoor-outdoor benches were designed to complete the look and provide additional functionality for gathering or dining. 

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RS Barcelona Pool Tables

RS Barcelona’s outdoor billiard tables feature sleek, timeless lines and high-quality materials— including primer-coated steel and micro-textured, powder-coated polyester paint, a compact-fiber cement slab (which is tougher and more sustainable than slate), and iroko wood details. Choose from 7-foot-long or 8-foot-long tables, which come with a protective cover, 16 Aramith Premium Balls, two Dufferin club series cues with a Canadian maple shaft, a triangle ball rack, 12 chalks, and a crush for the cloth. 

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RS Barcelona Foosball Tables

RS Barcelona’s outdoor foosball tables include seven balls (five standard and two silent) and two extra players (one per team). Available in a variety of colors, foosball tables are available with either iroko wood legs or steel legs, both of which offer stability and durability. 

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