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About this Item


  • Option of two different bases
  • Fabric is made from 100% solution dyed polyester, UFP 50+
  • Easy usability with crank lift method


TiltNo Tilt 
Height8.10 in
Weight14.00 lbs
Pole Size1.9 in. 
Vent StyleSingle Wind Vent 
Lift MethodCrank Lift 
Canopy ShapeSquare 
Frame MaterialMetal 
Canopy Diameter9.90 ft
Minimum Base Weight104.00 lbs


With Cane-line Sunshade Parasol w/ Crank System, you can enjoy your outdoor space even in scorching sun. Sunshade can provide many cozy hours outdoors, where you can dazzle in the shade with your loved ones. Sunshade can be an addition for both elegant outdoor dining sets, or to complete your cozy outdoor oasis of lounge furniture. The sunshade parasols consist of an elegant and minimalist framework made of aluminum, with a crank system for easy and user-friendliness. Sunshade parasol w/crank has a dia. 118.2 in., and comes in the color Dusty White with an anodized pole. All together, it provides a durable and minimalistic parasol with a long life. Sunshade provides a vibe of exclusivity and summery atmosphere, and with a matching garden furniture set, Sunshade can lift your terrace to a new level. Umbrella base is sold separately.

At A Glance

  • UPF 50upf 50+
  • Assembly Requiredassembly required

Product Protection

Aluminum Properties
Cane-line offers a wide range of furniture in powder-coated aluminum. Powder coating serves as a protective layer that is tinted in a variety of colors. Aluminum furniture is ideal for use outdoors as well as indoors.

Aluminum Cleaning
Aluminum furniture generally requires a minimum of maintenance. If the furniture is stored near the coast, it will need to be cleaned more frequently using fresh water and soap. Do not be too rough on your furniture to avoid causing dents, as this can damage the powder coating. At worst, moisture can reach the aluminum and damage the finish. Vases, glass and similar items can lead to marks on the surface, if there is moisture under the item for more days. Make sure to keep the surface clean and dry, if things / items are put on the table for several days.

Aluminum Storing
Your furniture can stay outdoors all year round, but it is best to store it under a furniture cover during winter months or during periods when the furniture is not in use. Please note, however, that condensation can form under the furniture cover, which can cause mold and mildew. Therefore, make sure to lift the cover away from the furniture to ensure proper air circulation and minimize condensation. If possible, it is best to store your furniture indoors during winter months to protect it from the elements.

Solution-Dyed Polyester Properties
Solution dyed polyester/Cane-line Virtue is a 100% solution dyed fiber material, which, due to the special manufacturing process, means that the color permeates the entire fiber. The fabric has a superior color fastness, making it fade resistant. The color is extremely uniform, and the fabric is both UV resistant and water repellent, as well as resistant to powdery mildew. The fabric ventilates effectively, repelling condensation and moisture. It feels slightly softer than Olefin fabric.

Solution-Dyed Polyester Cleaning
In case of stains, we recommend pre-treating the fabric by washing it in warm water with a powerful detergent (e.g. Tide, Persil, Vanish). The fabric can then be washed at a warm temperature and subsequently air dried. It is very important to check the fabric for stains and treat the specific stain before washing, as heat can set the stain, making it difficult to remove. High temperatures in the washing machine or a tumble dryer can cause the fibers to melt together, shrink or become misshapen. Water that is too hot can create permanent creases during the spin cycle. The fabric must not be chemically cleaned.

Solution-Dyed Polyester Storing
We recommend using a cover out of season. However, we recommend covering it with a parasol cover during the winter or prolonged periods when not in use. Be aware of the importance of “lifting” the cover every so often to allow the air to circulate and remove any condensation.