Classic Cushions Chaise Lounge Cushion - Medium

ITEM #: CC-C-2208

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Classic Cushions Chaise Lounge Cushion - Medium

ITEM #: CC-C-2208

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Ships within 3 - 4 weeks

Our Classic Cushions Chaise Lounge Cushion in medium fits all chaises that can accommodate a 23" x 46" seat size and a 23" wide by 26" deep back segment. This one-piece cushion is handsomely crafted with a Sunbrella 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric cover and outdoor quick drying fill. All of our Classic Cushions are custom made-to-order and all sales are final.

For the complete selection of outdoor replacement cushions and fabrics offered by Classic Cushions please download the Classic Cushions Catalog and please review the Classic Cushions Warranty.

Acrylic fabrics are appropriate for either indoor or outdoor use. Solutions dyed acrylic features a soil and stain-resistant finish that can be cleaned with a solution of natural soap in lukewarm water. Solution dyed acrylic does not promote mildew growth. However, mildew may grow on dirt and other foreign substances that are allowed to stand on the fabric. For mildew stains, prepare a mild solution of one cup bleach plus two capfuls of a natural soap per gallon of water. Sponge thoroughly with clean water and air dry.
  • Thickness: 3"
  • Length: 72"
  • Width: 23"
Shipping Method: Ground (For freight terms and services click Shipping Info)
Assembly: No assembly required
Additional Info: All of our Classic Cushions are custom made-to-order and all sales are final. Please inquire before placing your order if you have any questions. Orders ship complete unless otherwise requested. Ordering more than one item may affect shipping method.

If you have questions about our Return Policy, require expedited services or are interested in White Glove Delivery, please contact our design experts toll free at 866-350-8325 or via email with our Contact Form.
Classic Cushions & Umbrellas warranty is extended to the original purchaser utilizing our cushions and umbrellas in ordinary home use. Classic Cushions & Umbrellas warrants that your cushion or umbrella is free from defects in material or workmanship as of the date of purchase and will, with proper care by the purchaser, remain so for a period of one year from the date of delivery.

If your Classic Cushions or Umbrellas fails structurally during the period of one year from original purchase, we will, at our discretion, repair or replace without charge.

This warranty does not cover products used for commercial purchases, or products that have not been cleaned or maintained properly. This warranty does not cover normal fading or stretching that occurs in fabrics and upholstery materials. The original purchaser must provide proof of purchase when requesting service under this warranty.

Classic Cushions & Umbrellas will not be responsible for any consequential damages, loss of use, or other expenses resulting from defective products.

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  • Grade B Sunbrella Brannon Whisper
  • Grade B Sunbrella Canvas Antique Beige
  • Grade B Sunbrella Canvas Black
  • Grade B Sunbrella Canvas Cork
  • Grade B Sunbrella Canvas Forest Green
  • Grade B Sunbrella Canvas Macaw
  • Grade B Sunbrella Canvas Mineral Blue
  • Grade B Sunbrella Canvas Natural
  • Grade B Sunbrella Canvas Navy
  • Grade B Sunbrella Canvas Pacific Blue
  • Grade B Sunbrella Canvas Teal
  • Grade B Sunbrella Canvas True Blue
  • Grade B Sunbrella Canvas Vellum
  • Grade B Sunbrella Canvas Walnut
  • Grade B Sunbrella Canvas Wheat
  • Grade B Sunbrella Cast Ash
  • Grade B Sunbrella Cast Mist
  • Grade B Sunbrella Cast Oasis
  • Grade B Sunbrella Cast Petal
  • Grade B Sunbrella Cast Shale
  • Grade B Sunbrella Cast Silver
  • Grade B Sunbrella Cast Slate
  • Grade B Sunbrella Cast Tinsel
  • Grade B Sunbrella Cast Lagoon
  • Grade B Sunbrella Dorsett Cherry
  • Grade B Sunbrella Foster Surfside
  • Grade B Sunbrella Foster Metallic
  • Grade B Sunbrella Gavin Mist
  • Grade B Sunbrella Mason Forest Green
  • Grade B Sunbrella Regency Sand
  • Grade B Sunbrella Spectrum Cayenne
  • Grade B Sunbrella Spectrum Cilantro
  • Grade B Sunbrella Spectrum Coffee
  • Grade B Sunbrella Spectrum Daffodil
  • Grade B Sunbrella Spectrum Dove
  • Grade B Sunbrella Spectrum Eggshell
  • Grade B Sunbrella Spectrum Graphite
  • Grade B Sunbrella Spectrum Grenadine
  • Grade B Sunbrella Spectrum Kiwi
  • Grade B Sunbrella Spectrum Mist
  • Grade B Sunbrella Spectrum Mushroom
  • Grade B Sunbrella Spectrum Sand
  • Grade B Sunbrella Spectrum Sierra
  • Grade C Sunbrella Brannon Redwood (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Bravada Limelight (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Bravada Salsa (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Cabana Citron (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Cabana Emerald (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Cabana Flame (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Cabana Regatta (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Air Blue (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Aruba (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Bay Brown (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Birds Eye Canvas (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Brass (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Burgundy (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Buttercup (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Camel (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Canvas (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Capri (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Coal (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Cocoa (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Fern (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Flax (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Ginkgo (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Glacier (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Granite (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Heather Beige (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Henna (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Hot Pink (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Jockey Red (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Logo Red (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Maize (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Melon (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Palm (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Parrot (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Raven Black (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Regatta (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Rust (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Sapphire Blue (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Sky Blue (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Spa (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Sunflower Yellow (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Tangerine (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Teak (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Terracotta (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Canvas Tuscan (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Cove Cameo (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Cove Pebble (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Davidson Redwood (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Dolce Mango (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Dolce Oasis (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Gateway Blush (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Gateway Mist (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Harwood Crimson (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Linen Antique Beige (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Linen Champagne (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Linen Chili (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Linen Natural (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Linen Pampas (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Linen Sesame (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Linen Silver (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Linen Stone (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Linen Straw (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Linen Taupe (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Maxim Heather Beige (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Milano Char (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Milano Flax (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Mode Seaside (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Shore Citron (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Shore Classic (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Shore Emerald (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Shore Flame (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Shore Regatta (+$19.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Seville Seaside (+$19.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Berenson Tuxedo (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Bessemer 1000BA (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Decade Pewter (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Decade Sand (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dimone Sequoia (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dupione Aloe (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dupione Caramel (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dupione Celeste (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dupione Cornsilk (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dupione Crimson (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dupione Dove (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dupione Galaxy (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dupione Henna (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dupione Latte (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dupione Laurel (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dupione Nectarine (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dupione Oak (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dupione Palm (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dupione Papaya (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dupione Paradise (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dupione Pearl (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dupione Peridot (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dupione Sand (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dupione Stone (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Dupione Walnut (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Echo Ash (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Echo Dune (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Hifi Glow (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Icon Mystique (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Icon Pop (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Pioneer Sunrise (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Scout Clay (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Token Caribbean (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Token Surfside (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Traveler Lakeside (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Volt Berry (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Volt Cherry (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Volt Emerald (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Volt Fuchsia (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Volt Galaxy (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Volt Glow (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Volt Sand (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Volt Sequoia (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Volt Silver (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Volt Spark (+$46.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Volt Sulfur (+$46.00)
  • Grade DD Sunbrella Cabaret Blue Haze (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Aura Honey (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Blox Slate (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Elegance Marble (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Fretwork Cameo (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Fretwork Flax (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Fretwork Mist (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Fretwork Pewter (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Hybrid Citrus (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Hybrid Sky (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Hybrid Smoke (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Luxe Indigo (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Mainstreet Latte (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Mainstreet Wren (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Reflex Classic (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Reflex Emerald (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Reflex Flame (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Reflex Ii Citron (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Reflex Regatta (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Sailcloth Sahara (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Sailcloth Salt (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Sailcloth Shade (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Sailcloth Shell (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Sailcloth Shore (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Sailcloth Sienna (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Sailcloth Spice (+$147.00)
  • Grade E Sunbrella Violetta Baltic (+$147.00)

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