Charcoal Grills


Infuse your food with mouth-watering flavor with a charcoal grill. There are multiple options of charcoal grills that are all worth considering, and we have top rated selections for each type. Consider a kamado grill, where you'll find popular models from top brands Kamado Joe. Kamado grills are dome-shaped grills made of ceramic, often described as egg-shaped grills. They're notorious for the incomparable smoky flavor you receive from cooking your food in a grill in which the smoke is unable to escape from the ceramic, so it circulates within the grill and in turn is infused into your food. Traditional kettle-style charcoal grills are some of the most popular BBQ grills on the market. While their material doesn't quite contain the density of ceramic kamado grills, kettle grills are designed to smoke and grill your food utilizing the mouth-watering natural flavor that charcoal provides. Whichever type of charcoal grill you choose, have peace of mind in knowing that even the most experienced BBQ aficionados agree that if you have the patience for charcoal grilling, there's really no better way to grill when it comes to the taste of your food.