Kingsley Bate Essex Collection


The exceptional quality of the solid teak tables in the Kingsley Bate Essex Collection shows the benefit of responsible stewardship. Kingsley Bate was the first American company to source its teak hardwood from environmentally sustainable plantations in Java, and since 1983, they've worked with the Indonesian government and the local people in support of responsible management of the country's resources. The care given to the trees during the long growing process is evident in the superior quality of the wood. Teak is naturally resistant to the effects of extreme weather conditions, making it the ideal hardwood for beautiful outdoor furnishings. Kingsley Bate uses precise mortise-and-tendon joinery in the construction of their teak tables, which adds to the stability and strength and provides an indestructible piece that is impervious to weather conditions. Explore more luxury outdoor furniture collections from Kingsley Bate.