Umbrella Bases

Patio Umbrella Bases

Explore our selection of patio umbrella bases to find what you're looking for. Selecting the right weight base for your outdoor umbrella is a very important factor when buying a patio umbrella. An umbrella base that is not heavy enough will result in an unstable umbrella which can lead to damage and failure. A base less than 50 lbs. is appropriate for an umbrella that will be anchored in the hole of your dining table. For a freestanding umbrella, a 50 lb. base will work up to a diameter of 7.5 feet. For larger umbrellas over 8 feet select a heavier base. We carry umbrella bases up to 110 lbs. appropriate for large cantilever umbrellas. Shop our patio umbrella bases from top brands like Treasure Garden and Barlow Tyrie to ensure the correct fit for your patio umbrella.