Fiberglass Planters

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Discover Weather-Resistant Durability with Fiberglass Outdoor Planters

Light weight, durability and versatility make fiberglass outdoor planters the perfect fit for patios of all types. AuthenTEAK proudly offers a wide selection of practical, fiberglass outdoor planters – from large, Tuscan-style planters to small, contemporary ones. Browse our collection to find the right choice for your outdoor plant display.

Fiberglass outdoor planters offer unique benefits over more traditional stone or terracotta. Because they are lightweight, they’re easy to move – letting you keep each and every plant right where you need it. Our all-weather, fiberglass planters are specially designed to withstand freezing temperatures, so you never have to wonder if your fiberglass planters can stay out during the winter. We carry fiberglass outdoor planters from trusted brands like Capital Garden, Pottery Pots and our private label brand, in styles ranging from traditional to deco. Best of all, most come with a multi-year warranty for added peace of mind. Browse our fiberglass outdoor planters today and discover a piece sure to bring style, color and function to your outdoor space.