Fire Pit Art

Create an Unforgettable Space with Fire Pit Art

Warm your outdoor space and make a bold statement with fire pits and outdoor heating accessories by Fire Pit Art. This artisan brand is known for its handcrafted steel fire pits, with dramatic designs that draw attention. Browse AuthenTEAK’s inventory of Fire Pit Art bowls, pits and more to find a gorgeous focal point for your outdoor space.

Design and craftsmanship are what set this brand apart. Each piece is made of thick carbon steel which ages to a warm patina. The resulting richly colored pits are some of the most eye-catching that we offer. Shop simple bowls with handles, rings and cut outs. Or up the ante with Fire Pit Art’s signature Third Rock style – a dramatic, globe-like fire pit featuring the shapes of each continent.

Available in wood-burning and gas models, these distinct and artistic fire pits are customer favorites. Add a piece from Fire Pit Art to your space and prepare for compliments.