Tuuci Stingray Aluminum Shade Sculpture

Item #: TU-MISR7X10     Internet #: 9262

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Tuuci Stingray Aluminum Shade Sculpture
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Tuuci Stingray Aluminum Shade Sculpture -3
Tuuci Stingray Aluminum Shade Sculpture -5
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Tuuci Stingray Aluminum Shade Sculpture

Item #: TU-MISR7X10     Internet #: 9262

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  • Intricately Laced Marine Rigging.
  • Reinforced Fixed Frame Structure.
  • Locking leaver for 360 degree rotation.
  • Main image shown in Sunbrella Silver Canopy.

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Product Overview

The Tuuci Stingray Aluminum Shade Sculpture has a blend of elements from the natural world and state-of-the-art marine-grade materials, the Stingray is both distinctive and durable. Rotating 360 degrees around its vertical axis, the sculpture can position itself for shade at any time of the day. From the smallest detail of its intricately laced, tensile shade skin to the polished, wrought aluminum armor-wall mast, the Stingray is built for years of blissful and inspired shade luxury.

  • Width: 92"
  • Depth: 125"
  • Height: 91"
  • Pole Diameter: 1.9"

  • 9'x13'
  • Width: 108"
  • Depth: 156"
  • Height: 114"
  • Pole Diameter: 2.375"

  • Tuff-Skin Canopies, Curtains, and Tensioned Fabric Walls
    TUUCI frames are constructed from durable, marine-grade, weather-resistant materials including fiberglass, armor-wall aluminum, Dura-TEAK composites, Aluma-TEAK aluminum and sustainable hardwood. All fasteners (nuts, bolts, pulleys, cam cleats, etc.) are marine-grade stainless steel and will withstand the most corrosive environments. Proper care and maintenance are important to extend the serviceable life of all TUUCI products. TUUCI’s TUFF-SKIN umbrella canopies employ the most durable and state of the art marine fabrics and thread including proven high-performance, UV stable materials.

    Essential Canopy Cleaning
    TUUCI TUFF-SKINS should be cleaned regularly before dirt is allowed to accumulate and become embedded in the fabric. The fabric canopy can be cleaned without being removed from the frame.

    Simply brush off any loose dirt or particles; hose down and clean with a mild soap in lukewarm water (no more than 100° F.) Rinse thoroughly to remove soap. Allow fabric to air dry. Do not use heavy detergents. Stubborn Canopy Stains

    For stubborn stains, clean with a mild soap and add one cup of bleach to a gallon of water, scrub vigorously with a soft bristle brush, sponge or clean towel. Allow fabric to air dry. This method of cleaning may remove part of the water repellency. If water repellency is a factor, the fabric should receive an application of an air-curing water repellent treatment (such as SM fabric guard).

    Sunbrella Fabric Care
    TUUCI partners with Sunbrella® to provide top quality marine-grade fabrics. Sunbrella ® branded fabrics may be machine washed but a water repellent treatment must be applied to the fabric after washing to reestablish water repellency. Sunbrella® fabrics are made from 100% acrylic fiber and is thermoplastic or heat sensitive.

    When washing or cleaning, DO NOT SUBJECT TO EXCESSIVE HEAT as the fabric will shrink.


    In cases where your umbrella is taken down and stored during the winter season, the TUFF-SKIN canopy should be cleaned, allowed to air dry, and stored in a dry, well-ventilated area. A TUUCI Protective Cover should be used at all times when the umbrella is not in use to ensure the longest serviceable life.

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    TUUCI constructs its shade structures with the finest marine-grade materials available. We test our products in extreme weather environments to ensure stability, durability and years of worry-free service. In addition, TUUCI personnel carefully follow specific quality control procedures and inspect each product to ensure freedom from any type of manufacturing defect. Our goal is to produce shade platforms that will exceed your expectations and provide a shade experience like no other in the world. The limited warranty protection detailed below covers manufacturing defects only.
    5-Year Warranty Essential Aluminum Framed Cabanas, Lounges and Sculptures
    Entire frame structure, including trellis walls, trellis roof, beams and columns.
    Frame finishes, including powder coat and TUUCI’s exclusive Aluma-TEAK
    SUNBRELLA® and other TUUCI Tuff Skin marine-grade fabric
    Air Lounge
    TUUCI will only warranty products which are properly secured to an adequate base or anchoring system. Furthermore, TUUCI will not cover any damage to a shade or base device which occurs as a result of contact with the ground or any other foreign object including damage which occurs as a result of sudden and severe weather events or other extreme acts of nature. In general, TUUCI recommends that all collapsible shade products be securely closed when not in use.
    TUUCI can recommend specific base weight and anchoring systems for specific parasol styles, shapes and sizes, however, TUUCI will only warrant the safe, sensible and reasonable operation of our shade structures within the recommended deployment guidelines. Please contact TUUCI directly if requesting shade structures and anchoring systems which can be warranted in sustained wind conditions which exceed 25 MPH.

    If TUUCI applied powder coating or Aluma TEAK finish to frames, structures or shade anchors flakes, bubbles, peels, or loses color within five (5) years from the date of purchase, TUUCI will replace or repair any paint finish damage at its own discretion. This warranty does not cover any type of scratches or abrasions to finish caused from metal to metal contact (ex. From table tops or storage) or any resulting corrosion that results from scratches or abrasions.
    Seaside and indoor pool use, salt and chlorides can accumulate on the powder coat and Aluma-TEAK finishes, leading to finish failure outside warranty coverage. Failure to perform regular cleanings with fresh water may cause the finish to blister, oxidize and/or discolor, voiding this limited warranty.

    Shade Anchors
    Warranty only covers manufacturing defects of structural integrity. It does not cover breakage, chipping, crumbling concrete or finish abrasions due to contact with other objects, improper use or issues caused by “onsite” transit or other wear and tear.

    Electrical Components
    Optional LED lighting, heaters and automation electrical components are warranted for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship to the original purchaser of the product. This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from accident, misuse, tampering, negligence or abuse. TUUCI will, at its option, repair or replace these products found defective.

    Process for Warranty Claims to Structure
    If warrantable damage occurs to the hubs, mast or stainless-steel hardware, TUUCI will replace or repair any item listed in this category at its discretion. Superficial damage, including any type of scratches or abrasions caused from contact with the moving components of the frame itself or canopy during normal operation are not eligible for warranty coverage unless the damage compromises the structural integrity of the frame. For the warranty to apply, products must be properly cared for and maintained. Any product modification by customer or third party voids this warranty.

    TUUCI recommends only the finest outdoor fabrics and thread available.
    Please refer to the warranty granted by the manufacturer of the specific fabric you specified. In general, the manufacturer warranties replace fabric only if and when the fabric loses its color or strength from UV degradation and if mildew occurs, within the warranty period. Users must properly maintain fabrics for the warranty to be effective. Note: proper maintenance includes cleaning of fabric regularly. These warranties do not cover damage from contact with foreign objects, wind-driven abrasions, misuse or abuse (rips, burns, tears and holes).
    With intensive usage of the products in a hostile environment (seaside and indoor pool use), we advise that you regularly rinse the fabric of the umbrella using fresh water in order to prevent the build-up of salt and chloride residues. https://www.sunbrella.com/how-to-clean-sunbrella-fabric
    If any fabric (SUNBRELLA® or other TUUCI Tuff Skin) is rendered unserviceable by loss of color or strength caused by UV degradation, mildew, rot or atmospheric chemicals, TUUCI will work with the manufacturer to assist you with your warranty claim. Labor charges will apply to the cutting and sewing of any fabric replaced under warranty.

    General Limitations
    The limited warranties outlined above cover only manufacturer defects, not damage caused by the product striking the ground or other object. Normal wear and tear is not covered under this limited warranty. The redeemable value of all warranties provided herewith shall be prorated over the life of the specific limited warranty itself. In all cases, the warranty claimant shall be responsible for all shipping and/or freight charges incurred by claimant or TUUCI as a result of a warranty claim. Labor for installation of parts covered under TUUCI Warranty is not included.
    All warranty claims must be submitted with an original proof of purchase dated from the dealer of origin, a description of damaged product, including how the damage occurred, along with photos of the damaged product. The foregoing warranties may not be assigned and are available only to the original purchaser of TUUCI products. TUUCI reserves at its sole discretion the right to repair, replace, or redesign any product that is returned as a result of a warranty claim.


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